Saint-Desire: “Les Segpa”: Behind the film, the reality of Anne-Frank College

Education. “Les Segpa”, a film produced by Cyril Hanuna, provokes a strong reaction from the teaching staff who are fighting to change the image of these schoolchildren, who face many problems at school and are already often stigmatized. Example of Anne-Frank College.

The powder had already caught fire in the trailer. “Les Segpa”, which was released in theaters a few days ago, caused a strong reaction among the teaching staff. The latter accuses the film of underestimating students of this structure when they are already the subject of scandal and ridicule elsewhere.

At Anne-Frank College, where there is a Segpa structure (adapted to the Department of General and Vocational Education)) Over the years, this is especially the case. Eric Esmard is in charge. With her team, she has been fighting relentlessly for years to change the image of the Segpa class, especially with parents who are upset about their children moving there. “When the parents come, I tell them: ‘You’ve been told for 10 years that your son is a dancer and he’s sucking.’ We are going to change the situation. ” We try to reassure them and make a different speech. A

“84% of Segpar children come from disadvantaged families”

Eric Bardot Specialized Segpa teacher Md

Because the students who come to Segpa are certainly not “dummy” or dance. “These are students who fail miserably at school, who continue to face difficulties,” he told the manager. Eric Bardot, an expert professor at Segpar, added: “They are not there because they are fools. But because they “prevent”. For several years, I’ve been trying to figure out when their problem started and often it’s in CP. There are situations of divorce and unemployment. Because not school. Eric Esmard speaks of “broken children”, “with sick, isolated parents who inherit ‘misfortune’.” “We need to help rebuild them.”

Eric Bardot quotes National Inspector General of Education Jean-Paul Delahaye’s report on “severe poverty and academic achievement” submitted to the Minister of National Education in 2015. “This indicates that 84% of the children affected by Segpa come from disadvantaged families. And we at Anne-Frank College have a priority education zone +, that’s even more!”

Segpa of Anne-Frank has six classes (twelve to sixteen students) from sixth to third. Secondary school students are either supervised by special primary school teachers for general education or by vocational high school teachers. The latter are teachers who go with the third and fourth students in one of three workshops at their disposal: food hygiene, service; Building; Sales, logistics distribution. “100% of students who graduate must be able to find their place in vocational high school and especially in CAP where they have priority,” points out Eric Esmord, “and where they usually get good results!”

Frederick Thor

“Segpa is college! A

Claudi Henriette is the principal of Anne-Frank College where Segpa has assembled. “Segpa is college! “There is a certainty, of course, but they are, above all, middle school students. Teachers are college professors. Students have a normal school life. We make sure that we can adapt to the major difficulties in school with specially trained teachers to keep the students’ difficulties as close as possible. They are able to adapt, “tweak” programs so that every young person can go away with peace of mind and go as far as they can. We are “tailor-made” somewhere.

“Why should they be the target? A

Eric Bardot, a special Segpa teacher at Anne-Frank College, is also an employee of the Interest Education Union. Like others, his union has gone so far as to condemn the “underestimating” rhetoric in the film, produced by Cyril Hanuna. A petition has even been launched on the site to ask for it “Changing the title of the film and removing all hints of specialized education”. “There is a real link between academic difficulties and social difficulties in our country,” said Eric Bardot. “The weight of the social source is crucial. Bourdieu already said it many years ago, and it’s bad today.

“Our students come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Why should this be the goal? “Under-gifted”, they graduated and they were children of the bourgeoisie, had nothing to do with it. There, we attack the most disadvantaged. But do we laugh at them or laugh at them? A

Eric Bardot indicated that his students also watched the web series from which the “Les Segpa” picture was taken. “Most of the time, they say to me: ‘Once again, we gogol, have you seen Sir?’ You should know that despite our best efforts, they often do not want to be in the photo and they ask to close the classroom door so that we do not see them in the hallway.” Because they are ashamed.

The activist also denounced Segpar’s place in national education, the structure of which is more or less innumerable, and especially in the case of the 2015 college reform where the adapted general and professional education departments were “forgotten.”

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