Transvalor and CentraleSupélec, an unprecedented partnership around artificial intelligence

In March, TransvalarMaterial structure is a leader in simulation and CentraleSupelec, The School of Engineering has joined forces to create an industrial chair dedicated to excellence Artificial intelligence.
All possibilities offered by the will of both parties are explored togetherAI with numerical simulations for innovation in the industrial sector.

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Explore AI in its entirety

Want to exploreAI, It’s like exploring the vastness of space, a task that opens up almost endless possibilities of application.
Applied for industrial modeling, this exploration has been made possible thanks to its combination 3 reasons :

  • Diversity of resources and information
  • The power of algorithms
  • Increase computing capacity

For this, such tools Machine learning Or data it is possible to greatly reduce the amount of waste produced or even Gain energy efficiency In the production process. LawAI So that could be a way of making us Less polluting industry And Create a virtuous circle.

An unprecedented collaboration

With them 1700 AI researchersThe AI Hub Of CentraleSupelec An important center of research. With which he partners MilaOne of the largest AI centers in AmericaMcGill University in Montreal.

Side CentraleSupelec, Emanuel Vasquez, Frederick Magoules And Francesca Bugioti Involved directly in this partnership. Frederick Pascal (Deputy Director of the Institute Dataya University Paris Sacley) And engaged in it Unprecedented scientific collaboration.

“With CEMEF And DatayaTwo highly complementary scientific and technological leaders, Transvalar Proud to have opened a new path for its “Material Simulation” software Thus, our historical collaboration with physicsParis School of Mines This is enriched through a new and stronger partnership with the leaderAI industry Explains 4.0 in France Robert BronxPresident Transvalar“It is an expression of our ambition to serve our customers who are committed to their digital transformation.”

“We must be at the forefront of innovation in digital simulation to provide solutions to our customers: save time and properly optimize component building processes. Stephen HeitzIts managing director Transvalar. Beside them, like SaffronWe are strengthening our technical expertise and building bridges between researchers from our historical academic partners. CEMEF Like a teacher Elias Hashem And those CentraleSupelec. A

This project brings together researchers, doctoral students, students and a number of engineers Transvalar On the scientific and specific axis.
This partnership is fully in line with the dynamics of France 2030, which plans to significantly support public research around AI.

Innovation at the heart of this unique partnership

In this connection CentraleSupelec And Transvalar Transversal takes the form of research and develops innovative teaching methods.
This partnership work focuses around two lines.

  • A unique research program

Its advanced skills CentraleSupelec In terms ofAI Approves a historic collaboration, enhances the acceleration of research applied in the industrial sector and initiates long-term possibilities Transvalar. Thus this combination of related skills constitutes a major opportunity for future industries and is fully in line with the France 2030 plan launched by the President of the Republic towards the end of 2021.

  • An educational program around AI

In addition to this configuration agreement, CS ExedAffiliate CentraleSupelec Dedicated to continuous training, will train all its employees TransvalarParticipate in collaborative research projects.

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