Your child must follow safety rules when riding a bicycle

Different ways to transport a child on a bicycle

We see them roaming the city more and more! As part of an ecomobility approach, Bicycle with a baby seat, Trailers and cargo bikes for children (the most common) are increasingly being adopted by urban parents to transport one or more children and even adults. Baby bike seats are the most common way to carry a baby on the back of a parent’s bike, trailers (most of which can be converted into a stroller) and cargo bikes can carry many children or even groceries on our adventures. In the name of cargo bikes, there are actually several types:

– Biporter and Triporter. Equipped with two or three wheels, they welcome their passengers in a large wooden box on the front of the bike. “They can carry up to 250kg on average,” said Mathilde Radian, Yuba Bike’s marketing manager. Cargo bikes Make a difference over long distances or climbs with the help of electricity, especially when the body is loaded and you start to get tired of your calf!

– Lombatel is needed right now! This two-wheeler carries goods along with children (1 to 3 passengers) and up to 200 kg! Modular to the needs of the parents, children are installed in a long seat on top of a long luggage rack behind the driver. A match can be added around the seat and footrest. Depending on the brand, it may offer several accessories (often optional) to optimize the child’s comfort.

Bicycle safety for child passengers

You may want to try the adventure and get your baby to sit directly on the back of your bike. But in France, carrying passengers on luggage racks is prohibited, as can be read on the Road Safety website. Whether it is installed on a stem or on a bicycle luggage rack, the baby’s bicycle seat is controlled, it meets the CE EN 14344 standard. This guarantees that the bicycle seat has been tested to ensure a perfect safety for children from 9. 22 kg. For children under 5, this bicycle seat is a restraint device, a shoe, which holds the child in the seat while traveling, footrest and at least one handle, it is mandatory after paragraph R431-11 of the Highway Code. The driver must ensure that the baby’s feet do not reach the spokes or the wheels of the bicycle. There are controlled seats for children up to 35 kg.

Since 2004, compliance with Decree No. 91-1292 of December 20, 1991 for attaching trailers to bikes for children. The trailer for children must be equipped with a retro-reflective device (2 reflectors) and lighting if the trailer hides your bike (according to Article 318-18D). In addition, it should not carry more than two passengers. “To use the trawler as a stroller, a reducer with a 5-point shoe is recommended until the child is 9 months old, and use of a sports version (cycling, running or skiing) before the child is able to sit is strongly discouraged. , Keep their torsos straight and their heads up. And in case of doubt it is best to consult your pediatrician or doctor, “said Thule, manufacturer of trailers and equipment for children. Code, no maximum dimensions or total weight requirements for the trailer. The decree guarantees the safety requirements of trailers intended for children under 4 years of age, less than the limit of use of certain trailers capable of transporting children up to 7 years of age.

Cargo bikes are not yet subject to a dedicated standard, but it won’t be long, with some manufacturers advocating for it: “ This will prevent low-cost brands from doing anything related to security while we are almost certain to meet all the criteria. Miley Boras, manager of Uber Services, a French longitel bike manufacturer in Le Parisien, said. So it is more important to make your choice carefully and to study the different ways of safety that each brand applies to the comfort and safety of children.

7 tips for safe transportation of children on bicycles

The sooner you get on the bike with someone, the more your safety is at stake. On both short and long journeys, we take accurate reflection:

1- Before each ride, leave nothing to chance: check your bike and its accessories. Whether the baby’s bike seat is still properly secured, the trailer’s tires are inflated enough, your bike’s electrical support is enough to run your ride, you haven’t left anything in the box that could hurt a baby. If the brakes suddenly …

2- Tell your little passenger (before departure) what he can or cannot do with his bike seat, trailer or cargo bike. Remember the basic rules: don’t take off your shoes, don’t get up without green light, don’t play with your arms clasped, don’t try to catch anything like twigs when we roll …

3- Climb into the bike lane. If these are not available, maintain the optimal safety distance from the car.

4- Wear a helmet, baby! Mandatory until age 12, choose it for their size and adjustable to their head circumference. Tie it under his neck, taking care to adjust the strap.

5 – Especially if the kids are sitting behind you, ask them regularly as soon as possible to make sure they are well and that they are still sitting properly (which may not happen anymore and the baby may be at risk if he falls asleep. Seat and his head and body fall to the side). By investing in a rear view mirror, a phosphorescent night sticker stuck in the seat of a child bike will allow you to see your surroundings better and see other users on the street.

6 – Decorate your trailer with a flag on the back so you can better signal other vehicles. As the light dimms (morning and evening) signal yourself with appropriate light.

7 – Regularly service your cargo bike, your bike and do not wait for replacement of worn parts.

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