An autistic child, his mother’s shared snapshot jumps on the web

After seeing the latest numbers Big family, We rush to the internet to exchange with parents. Today it bites!

So many twists in the big family!

Disappearing from the program, Justin and Steve Cordell give opponents the grain to grind Big family. In fact, some criticized the show’s editing. In fact, the attitude of some participants is headlining. Right here Objeko Think specifically of the Amandine Pellissard case. On screen, he is seen leading his clan with a stick. On the web, he chained product placement and over-priced hair transformation. People who are jealous of Alexander’s wife need only show their hostility. Even if a handful of people do not understand his bad temper, it is not a good idea to send him abusive or threatening letters. Worse, he would not hesitate to turn to the television set to denounce the incident. Sometimes it takes a little detail to turn everything into a nightmare …

Big family clich that inspires fans!

To get news from Cordules, just subscribe to their Instagram account. We discovered the live adventures around former participants Big family. Alas, when going out of the restaurant, nothing will happen as planned. Tom looks like an ugly duckling, a follower laments seeing him in a corner. ” All alone ” ! When he has done nothing foolish, he will almost certainly feel that he is being punished. When he had just given birth to his last, Justin wanted to explain himself. No, he does not differentiate between his children, quite the opposite. More than ever, he is wary of everyone’s needs.

This booster shot will not leave any fan Big family Indifferent ” For those who don’t know, Tom has autism. A Also, he sometimes justifies himself by specifying what he feels. ” Need To be “Alone and away”Worse than his general complaint, it is almost an essential requirement for his balance. Suffering from comments from other children her age, this voluntary “exile” will manage to satisfy her. As a result, parents and elders have found a way to make him as nervous as possible. If they ever go out, they let him handle it. Once and for all, he made it clear that ” No, he is not unhappy. She is very good at her little table

Not an easy daily life

At first, the balance was hard to find. When we know how these are Big family , We know that managing each other’s needs is not an easy task. A few months ago, after a thorough investigation, Rofren discovered that one of his younger princes was suffering from the same disease as Tom Cordell. At a time when he did not know what condition his son was going through, Nasser’s wife almost forced him into what he believed was a panic attack. He simply thought it was a shame for the shopkeepers in the area. Well no, autism is much harder to define. Sometimes it can take years for doctors to diagnose the disease. In France, we still have a long way to go.

On behalf of Steve Cordell, we condemn the attitude of some members of National Education. He described the unfair contrast without naming them. ” The teachers did not want him (…) [ils] He was looking for an excuse to tell us that he could be slow, when it was absolutely false.Fortunately, he and his wife took the issue very seriously. After making a case, the little boy now goes to school with one. ” An AHV “But yes, you know, these are professionals who support all children with disabilities. Big familyGive us a lesson in life and humility. Hopefully they will never have to make negative comments again. When you’re hiding behind a screen on a television, computer, or smartphone, it’s always easy to judge your neighbor. See you soon in the next issue for more and new adventures!

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