An old man sees a child in a icy forest and realizes that it is his granddaughter whom he does not know

When Peter lost his son and his wife for two years in a row, he moved to the mountains to live there peacefully. One day while walking with his dog, he saw a little girl crying and offered to take her home. He went in search of the girl’s parents and discovered something she did not expect.

Peter said to his dog, Buddy, let’s go. Mota Mut loved to walk in the woods around her owner’s home in Iowa Decora.

According to Buddy, his dog probably liked these rides because he found them that way when he was just a puppy. They’ve been inseparable ever since, and the dog seems to be the only reason Peter goes for a walk.

A few years ago, Peter and his wife, Lauren, lived in Iowa des Moines. Their son was adventurous and wanted to travel around the world, climb all the mountains, raft in dangerous rivers.

Her parents did not understand her ambition, but they always supported her. Unfortunately, during a difficult climb a wire became loose, and their son died there. Lauren was unbearable, and just a year later she died of depression.

That’s when Peter decided to move to Decora and stay away from most of the people in town. He chose a place surrounded by nature. It was perfect, and this scene seems to have healed his soul for many years. But Buddy was a great support in his new, very lonely life.

It was time for their deep night walk in the woods, and Buddy was already jumping in excitement. Peter put the sheet on her and they left.

After a while, the body began to pull hard. “Wow, big man, calm down,” Peter said, but Buddy continued. It was a strange behavior for him. Her ears are torn, and she seems to be following something. Peter decides to let her do it and follow her to see what makes her so animated.

As they left, Peter realized there was a strange sound in the air. Shouts. “Can there be another abandoned puppy? How can humans be so cruel and leave their pets in the cold of the jungle?” He went to follow Buddy and said in surprise.

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Then they saw a figure sitting by a tree. She was a little girl. Peter ran and knelt before him. “Hello, little one. What are you doing here?” He asked kindly.

“I’m lost,” replied the little girl, her lips trembling. Peter took off his jacket and covered him. “Can you help me?” He asked.

“Of course!” He stood up and answered. “Come with me.”

He takes the fragile baby in his arms and Buddy takes them home. He put her in front of the fire, and her dog curled up beside her.

As he spoke he began to prepare food and hot chocolate for her. She was no longer trembling. “Thank you, sir,” he said, looking at her with the biggest eyes in the world.

Peter grabbed two mugs filled with hot chocolate and gave him one. “Call me Peter. What’s your name?”


“All right, Daisy. What were you doing in the woods there?”

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“My mom always left me alone at home. I was upset, and I went out. I thought I’d have an adventure. But it didn’t happen. Everything turned black. I was so scared. And I was cold,” Peter heard. The girl explained.

He understood this because his son had gone through the same situation. As a child, he wandered around many times. He often gets into trouble, especially in nature. It made him laugh. But this time it was different, because with her son, they were always close. On the other hand, no one seemed to notice this girl.

“Do you know where you live, Daisy?” Peter asked.

“My house is next to the new department store. It’s covered with plants,” he explained as he sipped his hot chocolate.

Peter’s oven bell rang, indicating that their dinner was ready, and he got up. “Okay, baby. We’ll eat now, and you’ll sleep on the sofa. Tomorrow I’ll bring your mother,” she suggested, and Daisy smiled.


The new department store Daisy was talking about seemed like the brand new supermarket in town. There were several houses nearby and one of them was covered with ivy. The plant has taken over the entire facade of the structure. The place seemed desperately in need of repair, and the rest of the garden was overgrown.

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Peter went to the door and knocked. But no one answered. He tried to ring, but the doorbell rang, so he pushed hard. He knocked on the door knob, and it opened quickly, with little or no effort.

He slowly entered the room and saw a woman sniffing on the sofa. It must have been Daisy’s mother, and she was still in her supermarket uniform, which meant she probably fell asleep as soon as she got home.

She was not rich, and Peter assumed she was a single mother, raising her daughter as much as possible.

“Ma’am,” Peter called, trying to wake her up. But the woman did not move. “Wow!”

“What?” He woke up with a start, and looked at her, disoriented. “What’s going on? Who are you? What are you doing at my house?”

Peter grabbed her hand and tried to calm her down. “My name is Peter. I came here because I lost your daughter in the woods last night. At least I think she’s your daughter. Is Daisy your daughter?” He explained.

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“What? Daisy was in the woods?” He jumped up from the sofa and went down the hall. He rubbed his hands over his face and came back. “Where is he?”

“Again, she’s at my house. Are you sure everything’s okay? She told me to leave her alone all the time,” Peter said hesitantly, trying to assess the situation.

“What do you mean? Daisy is fine! She’s just … adventurous! She must have moved away when I was at work,” the woman replied.

“What’s your name?”

“Margaret,” he replied. “Please take me to my daughter.”

Peter agreed to bring her to Daisy, but only after calling social services. Margaret nodded and said she was ready to do anything to get the girl back.

Shortly afterwards, a social worker comes to Peter’s house with Margaret, and the mother and daughter reunite, hugging each other tightly. Margaret took Daisy in her arms. The little girl looked at Peter and said, “Goodbye, Grandpa!”

Peter felt these words deep in his heart. It would be great to have a granddaughter. So he made a deal with Margaret and the social worker. Since he was retired, he offered to babysit Daisy whenever they needed him.

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The CPS lady thought it was a great idea and allowed them to make the necessary arrangements. He saw no danger for Daisy. Margaret was very grateful to Peter, because he could finally work and sleep better without worrying about his daughter.


One evening when Margaret came to pick up her daughter, Peter invited her to sit down and have coffee. Daisy was still playing with Buddy, so everything was fine.

“How did you end up alone with a baby?” Peter asked in the middle of their conversation.

“My boyfriend died suddenly. I was two months pregnant and I didn’t know it. It was such a bizarre accident, even though I told Giles that his hobby was dangerous,” Margaret explained, chatting with a thump on Peter’s chest.

It was a fun coincidence. Her son’s name was Giles. There must have been many Giles in the world, but was it possible? “How did he die, Margaret?” He asked stunned.

“She was rock climbing and her rope broke or something weird. We lived in Montana, but I used to meet my grandmother here. When they told me, I decided to stay here forever. After a while my grandmother died, and I found out. I was pregnant … Peter, are you alright? ” Margaret paused, worried for Peter, who had begun to cry.

Peter helped Margaret with Daisy. | Source: pixels

“Giles … I had a son,” she reveals, caressing Daisy’s body.

“What? It’s impossible,” Margaret looked at her daughter and sighed.

Margaret still had several pictures of Giles on her phone, and Peter confirmed that she was his son. Therefore, Daisy was his real granddaughter.

They were all shocked by the revelation, except for Daisy, who began to see Peter as her grandfather even though she did not know the truth. Or maybe she felt it somehow, like kids get to see and smell something that adults can’t.

From then on, Peter helped Margaret as much as he could and they became a family.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Adults cannot smell what children smell. Some children may see things that adults ignore, and some may tell Daisy that Peter is her real grandfather.
  • Help people as much as you can. Peter could have called the police to report the living conditions of Margaret and her daughter, but she did the right thing and helped them with the help of a social worker.

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