December 23 Christmas filming: “If this movie exists, it’s because we fought hard.”

This Monday, we were able to inspect the set of the Quebec Christmas film 23 December. The party settled down for a few days Chateau Frontenac.

Written by India Desjardin Feature Film, produced by Guillaume L’esperance.

He explained the origins of the project: ” In 2011, my father-in-law, my mother’s husband had a heart attack and it turned our Christmas upside down and I witnessed a coincidence that made me feel like I was starring in a Christmas movie. A

A lot of Christmas films come to us from other places and I wanted to make a Christmas film that reflects Quebec a little bit, and what Quebec is: it’s snowing, it’s storms, it happens all over Quebec because our divorced families are scattered … “, He explains.

In addition Château Frontenac, we see in the film Le Petit Champlain, a must see attraction in Quebec City. “ I looked at the image and I said to myself: We have a house! It has to be in a Christmas film, we have all the ingredients in Quebec to make a Christmas film that matches my Christmas film dream. A

India Desjardins promises us that we will recognize ourselves 23 December. ” We often see Christmas movies from the United States, and it’s not in our tradition that kissing Misleto and me down, every time, it raises my eyebrows. I do not understand this tradition. He has nothing in the picture. I wanted to reflect on who we are. A

Like 23 December A coral film, easy to make links with Christmas classics, Actually love. ” Love actually cost $ 55 million, made a $ 5 million movie for us. So, I don’t really dare talk too much about love because people will say: “Yeah, after all, it’s not really as good as love”. A

The author has been working on this project for 10 years. ” In 2015 I quit “She believes in us.” One, I didn’t even realize it. Two, it’s hard, I’ve rejected quite a bit. […] I am fortunate to have received so much support from Guillaume [L’Espérance] And Patrick [Roy] , But if this film exists, it is because we have fought hard. A

I just wanted the picture to be made. It almost became a factor. There are probably 300 versions of the screenplay, so I started often. Me, I just wanted for a Christmas movie “, He says.

India Desjardins wanted to put strong female characters in front. ” If you watch the classic Christmas movie, there are only gentlemen. There are only two women that have holidays. If we want women as the main characters, then there are Hallmark movies, but it’s always a girl who has to put her career aside and bake cookies in the village, so I wanted to recognize her as a modern female character. A

He concludes by saying: It’s a film where everyone is wonderful. The only villain is Christmas, which puts pressure on us. I based myself on this sentence: “We will arrive at Christmas at the same time as everyone else” which puts us all under pressure. A

Actress Virginie Fortin plays a protagonist, Elsa Levesque. ” She is a successful children’s writer. Though professionally, it’s going well, in terms of love, it’s not great. Many people will recognize themselves in this character who want to find love, but not always. “, He says.

I was inspired by the events of my life, but I also wrote fiction “India says Desjardins.” Virginie is very nice and funny. She could read a serial box and it would be fun. A

See pictures of the artist and crew of the film below:

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