Embossed planetary globe

Note: This article is not a sponsored article. It presents an innovative product offered by a young French company that we think is worthy of interest and we want to promote.

For once, we are writing to you about a product that is completely different from what we are accustomed to presenting at Techno-Science.net. These are the globes The Stellar Lab. These globes are different from ordinary planetary globes: they are actually 3D printed and reproduce the reliefs of the various planets on our planet. The solar system (Solar system is a planetary system consisting of a constellation, …)The The moon (Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite and the world’s fifth largest satellite …) Also.

That way, you will feel under Hand (The hand is where the preeclampsia limb is located …) Different mountain ranges or sea trenches for the terrestrial world. For the moon, it will be a hole you can make directly To touch (Touch, also called technique or technique, is one of the five senses of man or animal, …) And feel, Everything (The whole of what exists as a whole is often interpreted as the world or …) Discover our hidden aspects Natural satellites (A natural satellite is an object that orbits a planet or other large object …).

TheStellarlab: A French company that models and prints the solar system in 3D

The story of StellarLab begins when one of its co-founders reveals Need (The need is at the level of interaction between the person and the environment. It is …) Obtained a realistic replica of it Planet (A planet is a celestial object orbiting the sun or another star …) Dear “Mars”. He couldn’t find what he was looking for, his passion for space To grow (Puss is the name of an illegal car race at Reunion.) To provide Life (The given name is life 🙂 In it Project (A project is an unwavering promise of uncertain results, not reproducible …). A.Hours (Hour is the unit of measurement of time. The word also indicates the dimension …) Where humanity dreams of setting foot on another planet, this young French company lets you touch them at your fingertips. TheStellarlab is an organization that specializes in the design and printing of realistic relief globes for our solar system’s planets and satellites. If globes are sitting on our shelves, these highly detailed little planets can be placed in the palm of your hand. In fact, the goal is to offer globes that give you the impression of holding true stars.

Made from data from the globe NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration (“National Administration of …)Thanks for the 3D printing

It is found from NASA data that TheStellarlab manages to bring its 3d solar system collections to life. Indeed, information fromSpace Agency (A space agency is a state agency whose purpose is to study and develop space …) In order to apply topographic data, Americans needed accurate reproduction and accurate texture. The Reliability (Possibility of fulfilling its mission in a timely manner when a system is reliable …) These globes therefore cannot be questioned, with their perfect educational support. It was once modeled to invigorate the globes by interfering with 3D printing.

Moon Globes, Martin Globes, Terrestrial Globes … all the planets available

Available in two different sizes (5 cm inches) Diameter (In a circle or a sphere, diameter is the part of a line that passes through the center …) For the “Nano” range and for the “Max” range (11 cm), you will find all the planets in our solar system in The StellarLab Store, but our Satellite (Satellite may specify 🙂 Natural. Enthusiasts of these globes will rejoiceAstronomy (Astronomy is the science of stellar observation, I want to explain …) And is already being offered in various astronomy related stores. These reliefs are what make these globes so successful. Realizing the difference in size and the magnitude of Mars’ volcanoes, touching the moon’s holes, the globes bring real innovation to the world market.

A new way of learning from a world

The main theme of The StellarLab project is to provide educational materials that facilitateLearning (Teaching is the process of acquiring knowledge …) Relating to space. It is through an ebook that accompanies the globes that users can begin to learn the various features associated with their globes.

The organization expresses itself in this regard and underlines its commitment: “Since the inception of the project, it has been clear that these globes have become educational objects. We are embarking on a new beginning. Race (Running: The term has several meanings, all of which are related to movement.) Space and more people are interested in it and look at it The sky (The sky is the Earth’s atmosphere as seen from the planet’s soil.). However, despite the popularity Scientific (A scientist is a person who is dedicated to science or the study of science and who …) There may be a tendency, we are a little bit cultured in space related matters including planets. This is of course due to the almost complete absence of astronomy in the school curriculum. So we try to facilitate learning through our globes and allow enthusiastic and interested groups to develop their knowledge in a fun way. ”

Find TheStellarlab globes directly at the store www.the-stellar-lab.com.

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