Has he secretly married his sweetheart Anas?

On its social networks, Fiji Ruiz has posted several mysterious stories. Internet users are convinced that he secretly married his partner Anas.

Paga and Giuseppe: Are the couple getting married?

As the years go by, more and more reality TV contestants are getting married and starting families. So obviously, the slightest clue on their social networks can sometimes create a lot of rumors about famous reality TV couples.

Recently, we told you that a famous couple Marseilles May be married. They are Paga and Giuseppe. In a relationship since then Marseille vs. the rest of the world, The two lovebirds seem to have found themselves well. And, even if their relationship was tested in the set Apprentice adventurersPaga claimed that Giuseppe was – according to him – the woman of his life.

Moreover, the young man expressed his desire to get married a few weeks ago. On his social network, the young man responded to a user who was wondering ‘when will the marriage take place’. And Influential Feedback: “It’s my dream, but here we go piano. Gradually we will do this step by step. But yes, I think that’s our dream. “

Fiji Ruiz and Anas are said to be married

Nikola Lozina and Laura Lempica: Secretly married couple?

Speaking of a real TV couple ready to get married, you know that Nicola Logina has been asking for Laura Lampikar’s hand for several years. But their union was first suspended by the Kovid-19 epidemic. Then, the young woman became pregnant with her first child.

The man who gave birth to a young boy named Zlatan explained that he refused to marry the pregnant woman. Indeed, beautiful Brazilian descent, she really wants to be able to wear the dress.

In a recent YouTube video posted on her channel, Laura Lampika announces that the couple will eventually get married. “We’re getting married this summer“She revealed. In fact, the lovers announced that they were already married. In fact, the candidate wanted to have the same name as his son.”We were already married, but only on paper, it was important to us that my son’s name was like mine. It was raining heavily that day, there were 4 of us, two of us and two of our witnesses He made it clear.

A famous reality TV candidate is getting married, picture leaked!

Nikola Lozina and Laura Lampika were not only secretly married. Recently, a candidate from here 10 The Perfect Couple The formality of her marriage on her social network. This is Abu.

Discovered in Villa with a broken heart, The young man was seduced by Liana Jaui. Together, the couple participated Couples fight But the young woman chose to give up the adventure. And for good reason, the influential revealed that he cheated with his partner before the show. “Before my adventure with my ex, I cheated on Abu completely. This is why I was in so much pain, and why I was feeling away from the place. I wanted to give way to a real couple who love each other and who really want to win. I’m a very nature painting, and when I think I have to pretend, I don’t like it and I like to leave. A

A few months after a bad thing for a good, Abu seems to have found the woman of his life. If he participates 10 The Perfect Couple After this brief experience, the young man was no longer mentioned. Finally, she posted some pictures of her religious wedding on her social network, taking care not to reveal the face of her beloved.

Fiji Ruiz: Reality TV candidate secretly married Anas?

Today, it is another candidate who will hide his customers. In her months-long relationship with her partner, Internet users are convinced that they will marry secretly. And, while this rumor isn’t from yesterday, this time, it seems to be really true.

This is Fiji Ruiz. Although everyone believed that he was already married to Anas, the candidate posted a mysterious story on Instagram. In fact, without showing himself or his loved one, he posted pictures of the couple in a car. One of them, Melanie Dedigama’s former best friend (with whom he was always cold) wrote: ” Not like any other day. Then we see their hands clasped together, A great ring with Fiji game.

Finally, he posted a final picture where we guessed the couple was sitting in the back of a car. Will they be on the way to unity? For now, we don’t know much more. Still congratulations to this couple.

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