His daughter in a relationship with a candidate from a flagship program

When Cécile took part Marriage at first sightHe didn’t think his daughter Anisa would fall under the spell of PAF star!

Cecil is back!

Every Monday, the M6 ​​offers its viewers a colorful evening. First, in the first part, we discover its new profiles Marriage at first sight. After a fifth flop season where only one couple divorced, pundits stopped working for them. At the moment, we don’t know if Caroline would agree to give Axel a chance.

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On her wedding night, she did worse than Cecil. Unlike Anisa’s mother, she did not put a divider on the bed. He called the reception and asked to move. Then, from 11pm, we witness meetings between these addicts of social networks and other dating apps. The latest issue will provoke so much controversy that Cyril Hanuna will get involved. He still doesn’t know if he’s going to trigger a tsunami.

Who is the lucky winner?

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When Ayman knows that he will finally be able to take Melvin in his arms, he is really happy. However, before starting anything with him, he announces to the audience that he must first settle the account with his Don Juan. Anyway, the teaser seems to be ours. Quickly we realize that if he is injured, the young woman does not go behind the spoon. The question of survival does not come to his mind with this doubt. Like all romances, there is no point in writing a chapter of this fairy tale if there is no trust between the two lovebirds. Oddly enough, while writing Objeko, it brings back horrible memories. When he tried to do an adventure with Aline, Cecil was not convinced at all.

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Let’s go back to the case of Yemen and Melvin for a moment. When the latter presents this episode, his followers change color. Thinking he had cut off his phone, he started talking to his relatives. Victim by his BFF, he has to answer this question 100 100,000. ” So, you don’t see that girl? A In order not to lose face, he chose to take refuge behind the embarrassment. So the latter would answer. “Yeah, it’s a phantom … even if [je l’ai], There are others… I have a lot! A Feeling cheated even before he starts his romance, he sincerely hopes that he has found a good explanation for it. Ah these people … they are all the same … Cecil had a painful experience.

What a scoop!

Whether on the show or on Dad’s set, Melvin won’t lose his way. At this point he decided not to follow Emon’s proposal. Being a woman is not her thing. However, two months after the shooting, the situation has changed a lot. He spread the beans and announced. ” I see a girl, I’m dating her“However, the amount of glare in his eyes leaves no room for doubt. It seems he has finally found the right shoe. For his part, Yemen thinks he is a farce in comedy. Who is the lucky winner? Why is there a link between Cécile and Melvin?”

Dad has the talent to win the trust of his guests or his columnists. Also, Melvin admits that he had a real crush on Cecil’s daughter. But yes, you know him who exchanged a little weird look with his ex-honest father Aline. Yemen is so shocked that he called for her to be replaced so soon. ” Four“In other words, it’s someone who combines stories at the speed of light. Don’t get upset, her new boyfriend picks up the microphone and I wish all the happiness in the world To Yemen. What are your thoughts on this story? Is it a simple coincidence that two M6 programs have been linked? The mystery remains …

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