Hydrography and satellite are two areas of cooperation that Vietnam is interested in

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Thales delegates presented the group’s activities to the Vietnamese delegation.

During the working session, Thales delegates presented their strengths in digital innovation and “Deep technology“(Disrupted start-ups or young companies developing strategies considered highly innovative – Editor’s note) It also deals with solutions, services and products that help its customers – companies, agencies, states – in five markets critical to the functioning of our society: digital identity and security, defense, aviation, aerospace and transportation.

In collaboration with Vietnam, Thales also promotes research and training and technology transfer of satellite image applications in life.

Leaders of the Thales Group have expressed their desire to strengthen partnership with Vietnam in the priority areas of the National Strategy 2021-2030 on digital technology, especially telecommunications and defense.

Ambassador Din Tuan Thang praised the projects that Thales has been implementing in Vietnam for twenty years. He confirmed that the country is very interested in the French high-tech application in space and the Thales experience.

In order to implement the outcome of Prime Minister Pham Min Chin’s visit in November 2021, the two sides discussed Thales’ activities in Vietnam, as well as plans for its future development.

With more than 81,000 employees across all continents, the world leader in high technology, Thales has been established in Vietnam since the early 1990’s, serving the civilian and defense markets. He has implemented many projects with Vietnam’s major partners such as VNPT, Viettel, Vietnam Airlines, AVC Vietnam.

IHO Secretary-General Matthias Jonas (left) and Vietnamese Ambassador Din Ton Thang at IHO headquarters in Monaco on 4 May.

Work inspection‘International Hydrographic Organization

Earlier, on May 4, Ambassador Din Tuan Thang worked with Mathias Jonas, Secretary General of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).

During the exchange of views, the Vietnamese diplomat expressed his pleasure to visit the IHO headquarters. “As a member of this international organization, Vietnam is committed to fully implementing the provisions of the International Convention on Hydrography to contribute to the regional and international hydropower sector. It is ready to cooperate with IHO member states and will do its utmost to contribute positively and responsibly to the maintenance of maritime security in the region and around the world.“, He indicated.

For his part, Matthias Jonas, Secretary General of the IHO, praised Vietnam’s contribution to hydrographic work, ensuring maritime security, management and protection of the marine environment, rescue operations at sea and marine research. He hopes that in the future, the country will continue to actively participate in the work of the IHO, contributing to the conservation of the sea.

Created in 1921 and based in Monaco, the IHO, which brings together 97 member countries, has several functions: coordinating the activities of the National Hydrographic Services; Standardization of nautical charts and nautical documents; Adopting effective and reliable methods for conducting and exploiting hydrographic surveys; The development of science in the field of hydrography and descriptive marine techniques. Vietnam 84And Member of IHO (since September 2, 2015).

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