Kenya Safari, A Guide for Adventure Travelers –

The Big Five should be prepared in advance as part of a breathtaking trip to Kenya. Practical arrangements like best departure date, Kenya safari type and a simple and quick travel visa will help you find the ideal package for your next vacation. Explore Kenya’s fauna and flora on mountain bikes, 4X4 or even on foot, through circuits with family, friends or alone, safaris, hotels and relaxation! Let the all-inclusive pack or cart la carte program be inspired by your desire for adventure

Kenya is on its way to the sun

Visiting Kenya and enjoying it to the fullest requires a climate that is both dry and mild. The climate diversity that characterizes one of the Big Five countries offers you the possibility to book your holidays at different times of the year.

Known for its heavy rainfall between March and May, Kenya is at risk of frequent rainfall from October to December. To radiate from the interior of the country to the coast, the months between June and September should be preferred, especially if you focus your holidays on laziness and sunbathing! Indeed, the coast of Kenya and its hot and humid climate must be on long sandy beaches.

Whether for Kenya safari, scuba diving, swimming or walking, winter is also a good time to travel to Kenya. It will be the most pleasant in the center of the country and in the high plateau where the temperature will fluctuate between 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. For a trip under the sign of gastronomy, choose to travel to Nairobi or hike, stay between December and February.

Before leaving

Kenya safari requires preparation in logistical, health and of course administrative conditions, starting with a compulsory electronic visa in Kenya from January 1, 2021. Within the steps, determine the type of visa you need according to your location. An easy and fast travel visa can be applied directly for e-visa which comes in three types:

Each e-visa will have a different price. Multiple entry visa is suitable for traveling to different countries in East Africa. Like other countries, Kenya has its own rules. Check your eligibility according to the destination and nationality indicated in your passport, which must be valid for a minimum of 6 months of your arrival. With just a few clicks, apply, pay and track your visa online. Put the lead times in order before you leave. Tourist and multiple entry visas are valid for 90 days for work, tourism or study.

Finally, note that yellow fever vaccination is mandatory for returning to Kenya.

Dream safari!

Just 12 hours flight from your safari in Kenya sets you apart.

In the footsteps of the lion king

Go on a safari with the kids and use their imagination by booking a personal tour. Led by a French-speaking driver, relax in the 4X4 and travel to the king’s country of Savannah! Visiting an orphanage for elephants, walking and encountering Masai will awaken your senses with your taste buds!

Stay charming as a couple

Want an adventure for two while enjoying a nice dose of intimacy and charm? Combine your travel safari for several days and stay in small romantic lodges in the middle of the bushes! Samburu and Shaba will give you a warm welcome before heading to the lake area between Nakuru and Naivasha.

Group safari

If you are traveling with a small group of friends, the safari under the sign of 100% Kenyan Adventure invites you to board a car from where to take unique photos in the center of the reserve where rhinos can be observed in their natural and protected environment.

Definitely a place to visit and a moving picture

Pole Park, Amboseli Park, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara Reserve, Samburu Estate, Lewa Downs Private Reserve, Savo Park, Nairobi Park or Shimba Hills National Reserve are some of the many spots offered by the travel agency. All-inclusive flights, tours and hotels offer accommodation and modules of various lengths. For true adventurers, it is important to have a program in place to prepare yourself.

Anyway, the invitation to travel already gives a taste of freedom!

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