Quinté +: Glamor Queen in her wedding dress for Quinté + this Friday, May 6 in Vincennes.

Quinté + launchers this Friday, May 6th

R1 C3

Betina priceFriday 06 May
Paris-Vincennes – 2100 mDeparture: 8:15 PM

Forces present

After three consecutive wins, GLAMOUR QUEEN (11) finished third in the same distance on April 9 in Quinté +. Even if he starts again from the second line, we can still expect very good behavior from this representative of the Victoria Dreams team.

At the moment irresistible and significantly winning the green carpet course in early April in this course will form an opposition with Flash Gordon (1) Glori ডেসn des Nos (5), second in Group 3 in Vincennes this winter and immediately on all fours for the return of those who stand in line here. Has been removed.

Non-stop, ARMOR AS (14) is no less obvious way. On a good day, he will get a good portion to play in this lot with GALANT GALAA (13), very comfortable on this course and associated with Eric Rafin here. Far from being ridiculous in the recent Criterium de Vitesse de Base-Normandy (Gr2), FORBACH (10) has found an opposition within its range.

For his return to the team, Gala de Manche (6) is not out of business for a place. This will complete our choice with Guerrand (16), Benjamin Goetz’s second shot at the start of this Quinté +.

Prophecy of Olivia Pivine

11 1 5 14 13 10 6 16

Glamor Queen


Glory des Nos

Armor AS



I agree


Detailed start and professional feedback

1 – Flash-Gordon

Lavale, a resident of Maxim Bezier, recently found only Fiesta du Belvar to block his path to success. Winning the green carpet at the beginning of April in the course of our interest, he should still sell his opportunities dearly.

Maxim Bezier, Coach:

“Flash Gordon (1) is going through very good form. He appreciates the distance but has to face quality competitors here, especially 6 year olds and foreigners. In addition, it goes to a little class. It needs a good trip, but at the moment his form, it should keep his game good. A


After a month-and-a-half break, this representative of Andre Le Cortois made an honorable return on 28 April in Laval. Second in Quinté + in this course in February, it is associated with Yoann Lebourgeois, can show progress here.

Andre Lacortois, Coach:

“For his little comeback, Foxtrot ran very well despite a rather unfavorable course in the Nobles (2) race. He is mounted in this outing condition. It shouldn’t be ridiculous if things get better this time around. A

3 – Easy to scrub

Critical since the end of last year, the Roman Derwicks native has recorded one win and four runners-up during his last five outings. Dolphin of Forever Speed ​​(8) During his last attempt at La Capello, he deserves a mention.

Romain Derreux, Coach / Driver:

“Easy Maza (3) is really in top form. This Friday, he is 6 years old and fighting against a tough field with foreign competitors. The number is ideal for him. It is well placed in the profit and can be considered for a place at the end of the adjustment. A

4 – Diego du Hulette

Laurent Verva, a resident of La Capello, has failed miserably, but here you will find a course where he easily won at the end of February. Barefoot, an acquittal on his part cannot be omitted.

Laurent Verva, Coach:

“The last time Diego du Howlett (4) disappointed me. He finds his way to the ultimate success and this time will be barefoot. He inherited a good number but was opposed. The race needs a good progress to hope to occupy a place in this Quinté +. A

5 – Glory des Nos

For the second time in Vincennes’ Group 3 this winter, for her first outing under Soulya training, the Uniclove girl has not been seen on the track since 13 February. Immediately unshod from four feet for his return, it will remain this lot pro.

Reporter’s note:

“After a very good run in January, Glory des Nos (5) was a bit disappointed. She has regained her freshness and discovered a very interesting engagement. With a good course of running, his place is over. A

6 – I agree

Since her second place on December 28 in this course behind Guérande (16), this daughter of the Village Mystic has only been seen under Jean. For a return to driving, it doesn’t seem out of the question for a place on this Quinté +.

Thierry Rafegeu, Instructor:

“I have been following the gala de manche (6) under the saddle lately because he did not have a very good race in the trout. She works well in the morning and finds a course of her choice. I’m relying on it to finish on Quinté +. A

7 – Dolls D’Eben

Useful mare from the southeast, these Kepler daughters stay on two half-hearted journeys. Missing from March 19, he lined up for this return to school and his debut for his new team. For our part, we will satisfy ourselves by watching his race.

Nicholas Joulneu, Instructor:

“Dallas D’Eben (7) came to the team a while ago. It looks great in the morning, but above all we need to be able to judge it by running. It will be this Friday, but I don’t think it’s a big problem. It should not be banned completely. A

8 – Speed ​​forever

Essentially, this guy from Uriel Speed ​​makes alternate attempts under the saddle and over obstacles. The recent winner on La Capel’s track, he discovers in terms of a very good promise on the profit ceiling. Monitoring.

Julien Raffstein, Coach / Driver:

“Forever Speed ​​(8) surprised me a bit during my last success at La Capello. I hoped to see him run well, but I didn’t win that way. In this course, it risks surpassing the start. His outside numbers can also complicate his work.” It should not be banned, but it will be a question of how the nation is exposed to it.

9 – Evita Madrick

There are mentions of this daughter course by Jag de Beauvoir that we are interested in but have had guitar problems during her last two outings. It is a matter of impression whether to hold or not.

Frank Overy, driver:

“Last time in Laval, Evita Madrik (9) just went back to the course. This train praises Vincennes’ 2,100m autostart. In terms of opposition, the combination has to be maintained in the end. A

10 – Forbach

Already this year with the arrival of two Quinté + in this course, this son of Roi du Coq has recently attacked the Critérium de Vitesse de Basse-Normandie (Gr2) with a mighty force. Here an opponent finds in his cord, it may aim for a place.

Fabrice Lindrek, Instructor:

“Forbach (10) defended himself very well in Argentina. He ran around but seems to have recovered well from his efforts. He is a seasonal horse. It deserves to win Quinté +. That would be an issue, of course, but I’m relying on it. A

11 – Glamor Queen

After three consecutive successes, this representative of Victoria Dreams Stable finished third in the same distance on April 9 in Quinté +. Even if he starts from the second row again, we can expect very good behavior from him.

Reporter’s note:

“Immortal for months, Glamor Queen (11) is strong when she manages to set the ultimate explosion of her speed. In form, he has his first theoretical chance at his best performance. A

12 – Rocky-Tilly

Jörgen Westholm has this resident way but he kept us hungry during his last outing. Due to its dubious form, we risked not including it in our selection.

Reporter’s note:

“Rocky Tilly (12) is on a half-hearted trip. This should not be condemned too quickly, especially in this course which has often been successful. He has to run in hiding, which is always associated with danger, but he must not be forgotten in the extended combination. A


Always very regular when he became wise, this resident of Benjamin Goetz especially liked this course of 2,100 meters on the big track. Associated with Eric Rafin, he should still take an active part in the finish.

Reporter’s note:

“Gallant Gala (13) is currently irresistible. He has already done well in this course. He has an excellent finishing point and prefers rhythmic runs. In this lot, he is one of the essential competitors.”

14 – Armor AS

This resident of Jean-Michel Bazir is currently hot and cold, but there is a clear way. Judging by his ultimate winning effort at Vincennes, he would have the right to be so much brighter.

Reporter’s note:

“Amaur As (14) has been a bit frustrating lately, but on a tough field. He has already done well in this course. Her trainer showed her confidence with a green emoji. If Nicolas Bazire can maintain his maximum speed, he can join a good combination of Quinté +. A


The recent winner in Milan, this Transalpine trotter has already had the opportunity to prove himself on the Parisian Cinder track, especially in this course. To return to France, he would try to play a game of spoils.

Reporter’s note:

“Alside Rock (15) has proved its form several times in Italy as well as in France. It will appreciate the speed course but absolutely need to be saved to give it full potential. A

16 – Guerrend

After two consecutive disqualifications at Cagnes, this boxing partner from Galant Gala (13) has just finished fourth to return to Vincennes. Possessing a 1’11 ” record in this course, he deserves attention.

Reporter’s note:

“After a mild winter, Guerrende (16) has just run well for his comeback. His wrong number complicates his work, especially since he doesn’t have much of a chance. It has interesting performances in this course. With that, everything will be a question of running. A

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