Suffering tribal children, very painful accident!

Flori Galli is a brave mother of a large tribe of 5 children who participated in the show Large family, life in XXL. So you can imagine how busy his daily life is. The days follow each other, but never the same way. Recently, her youngest son, Paul, who was just a year and a half old, had a minor accident, not serious, but painful. We’re going to explain to you what happened in the last episode.

Large family: Life shocking XXL version.

Its parents Large family, life in XXL Flori and Bastian Galli. They are happy parents of five children and life has given them a big surprise, to say the least! In fact, they first had a son named Arthur, who is now eleven years old. A few years later, they wanted to expand the house and the mother became pregnant with three children: Lucy, Rose and Maxim who are now three years old. And as if that weren’t enough, they welcomed Paul back, who was a year and a half old. Thus, this fireplace show has its place Large family, life in XXL.

There should be no routine among the tribes and the members should never be disturbed. This Thursday, May 5, 2022, Flori Gallio shared the bad news with her followers. In fact, the youngest of the siblings, Paul, suffered a very painful injury. Don’t worry, it’s not serious, but the little bundle of poor joy somehow shed a few tears …

Somewhat brave child

His mother Large family, life in XXL Shared several photos and videos of himself The story Instagram. We could see that the little boy had a huge bandage on his left arm to protect him from injury. So, the fans were worried and wanted to know what happened to him. In response to the wave of questions, Flori Galli wanted to say more about the incident: ” Paul stuck his finger in the doorThe nails of the whole finger were drawn. So it had to be sewn. “ The mother of the family has been playing the role of a nurse since the accident. She needs to change her baby’s dressing regularly, which should not be a cakewalk.

Flori Galli Story Instagram.

Large family: A mother at the end of her rope.

One thing is for sure, Flori Galli has not even a minute for itself with its huge tribe. Yet he often laughs. Except for the last episode Large family, life in XXL. In fact, fans of the show have watched behind the scenes. He got tired after a single outing with his triplets. The young mother was crying and could not handle her children anymore and we want her to understand! ” They forced me to turn around, I said to myself: ‘You are alone with them, they are open, you can’t calm them down’. And I crack because everyone is looking at me, people are saying to themselves ‘she’s sucking, her kids aren’t good, they’ve grown up badly’. Besides shooting, it made me cry because this picture of me is going to be promoted. “He explained.

Mothers end crime!

In fact, most mothers feel guilty about everything, all the time. Society and people reflect such pressures that comments and looks are hard to ignore … from Flori Galli Large family, life in XXL This order was considered before the broadcast was approved on television. In the end, he chose to broadcast it anyway to raise awareness. I do this so that we can stop the rotting life of mothers who fight with their children in public places. It’s not always easy to handle, so if justice and the wrong look are added …

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