Legislature: “Do we want a five-year term where Macron has all the power?” Says Olivier Faur


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Thanks for following. Le Parisien will meet on Friday to elect a new direct legislature.


PS La France legitimizes the alliance with Insumis

The National Council of Olivia Fower’s party voted Thursday evening for a deal with Jean-Luc Melenchon for the legislature. Our paper is here.


Voting begins

Olivia Fauer’s speech ended, with loud applause. The 300 members of the PS National Council will now vote for or against a coalition signed with the LFI, EELV and PCF to elect a legislature.


Olivia Fauer expects dissenting candidates

“How can I reprimand those who can’t show their talents, their regional roots, for not having any regrets?” He introduced the members of the National Council of the PS, expecting the response of legislators who sacrificed by agreement without constituencies. “I know there are temptations to disagree, it’s always a risky choice. Because an elected official has even anchored, even outgoing, on average it is 3 or 4% higher than the presidential election score. Because the legislature is first and foremost a national election, which is part of the pace of the presidential election. There is a lot of illusion that dissident candidates will be able to overtake union candidates from the left. A


“What are we afraid of?” Repeats Olivier Faure

“If we want to summon history, call Francois Mitterrand, who said he was in favor of a left-wing alliance, at a time when communists were twice as good as socialists,” he began, sparking a controversy. Assembly. “You are insulting us, you have no rights! Said an employee of the room.

“Who are you socialists? Are you a child of Macron, right, left? We will probably say tonight that we are in a left-wing political place and we will not move from there, “he said.


Olivier Fauer gives a speech before the Socialist Party’s internal parliamentary vote

“The debate is whether the first five-year term will give Emanuel Macron all the power or whether we will offer an alternative to the French,” said the first secretary of the PS, defending the alliance with the LFI, EELV and the CPF. “Otherwise, the only option in this country would be extreme rights. Instead of fighting each other on the left, we should explore how to work together despite being different. A


Recep Tayyip Erdogan has congratulated Emanuel Macron on his election victory

It was the first phone call between the two leaders since Emanuel Macron’s victory against Marine Le Pen on April 24. According to the Turkish presidency, the two presidents discussed the war between Russia and Ukraine, as well as “steps aimed at improving Turkish-French relations.”

Paris and Ankara have been working for more than a year to improve their bilateral relations, which have been affected by multiple disputes over the eastern Mediterranean, Libya or Syria.


Former columnist for Ruquier and “Grandes Gueules”, Charles Concaine will run for LR in the legislature in Evelyn.

The party’s divisional federation has just confirmed the nomination of Charles Concaine, a lawyer for the Paris Bar, in the legislative elections. He is known to the general public for his media presence as a columnist for Laurent Ruquier, “On the East Pass Couch” or RMC’s “Les Grandes Guels”. More information in our article.


The President unveiled the first wave of majority legislature candidates

They are 187, 94 females, 93 males, with an average age of 49 years. A mix of local elected officials and civil society candidates. New faces there, then familiar names. Among them are Manuel Valls, the former Socialist Prime Minister under Hollande and already ministers: Elizabeth Bourne (Labor), Jean-Michel Blanker (Education) and Gabriel Atal (Spokesperson).

Manuel Valls has invested in Jean-Michel Blancer in the Loire, and Gabriel Atal in the House-de-Seine, in the constituency of the French people living abroad. Elizabeth Bourne was invested in Calvados and in the north by Home Secretary Gerald Dermanin, compiling the first wave of majority nominations, according to the document. LR Eric Worth’s rally will present itself in his constituency Wes.


Opens the National Council of Socialists


“Retiring at the age of 65 is not a renaissance, it’s the Middle Ages,” Fabian Russell said.

The communist candidate for the presidency has ridiculed Emmanuel Macron’s party’s new name, La Republic N’Marche, on Twitter, which has become a “renaissance.”


Tradition and restraint for macro penetration ceremonies

There is no long red carpet in Elysey’s yard, or to climb the Champs-Elysees. The moment will be less spectacular than the arrival of a new president, as in 2017, his predecessor’s move was welcomed. Chirac in 2002.


Pinned for his spending report, LREM MP Patricia Miralles denies

6:00 p.m.

Melenchon, the second favorite of the French

Emanuel Macron’s confidence rating dropped four points a month, without the benefit of the state of grace after his re-election, when Insumis Jean-Luke Melancholy rose to second place among French favorites behind Edward Philippe, indicating a 3 to 4 for Les Ecos and a radio classic The poll was conducted in Elab.


Elizabeth Bourne candidate in Calvados

“If the president renews his confidence in me and I am in government again, it will be the deputy, Freddie Sartin, who will be sitting in the assembly,” Labor Minister Vire-Aversi, who will be running in the by-elections, announced in La Manche Libre. Has done.


Franোয়াois Hollande will attend the appointment of Emanuel Macron

According to our information, Franোয়াois Hollande will be present at the Emanuel Macron Institutional event this Saturday, May 7th. “I will come to this ceremony out of respect for the traditions of a republic,” the former president of the republic confirmed. Other guests: Nicholas Sarkozy, Edward Philippe, Christoph Kastaner and Nicole Belubet, according to Elsie.

Franোয়াois Hollande and Emanuel Macron at the time of their transfer of power in 2017. Arnaud Dumntier / Le Parisien.


Socialist Carol Delga will vote against the agreement

The president of the Occitan region wrote a “left-wing letter” in which he specifically explained that “the agreement proposed by the Socialist Party management is not in line with values” and condemned him and the “device games”, where we deny our ideals and our commitment to certain positions. I do. “


Friction with LREM investment of French citizens abroad

In a press release, Ahmed Ederraj, the LREM nominee for the 9th seat of the French people living abroad, is concerned about possible “parachuting” on the ground by journalist Zineb El Rajaoui. “The French, established in this constituency, deserve better than being considered a stepping stone by the aspirants,” he said in a press release.


Who forms the National Council of PS?

The Socialist Party authorities met on Thursday evening. First Secretary Olivia Fauer, in favor of a deal with Insumis, “trusted” its members to approve it. Who are they? Answer in our article.


Crystal Morancais in Matiganne? The person concerned is annoyed by the rumors

In a lengthy message posted on his Twitter account, the president of the Pace de la Loire region condemned rumors of a possible appointment among the majority. “My name is currently being circulated (…) I have met Elysee (…) in secret but at no time have any questions from the French”, he was annoyed. And concludes: “I am free!”

4.30 pm.

“Together”, without women

The family picture is bright. At the head of various formations in the Macronist galaxy, Richard Ferrand, Edward Philippe, Franোয়াois Bayru and Stanislas Guerini are posing together in front of Emanuel Macron’s slogan “With You”. Problem: EELV has condemned Senator Melanie Vogel on Twitter for French people living abroad, not women. “Evil non-mixed meetings in the eyes of complete virilism”, also condemned Jean-Luc Mélenchon.


Good deal

“Those who know everything don’t talk.” Richard Ferrand dispels “rumors” of tension among presidential majority executives, relayed by the media. For him, the atmosphere during the discussion was one of laughter and hard work. “There is a difference between us,” he insisted, acknowledging Francois Bayru, “not an internal division”, but a “difference of appreciation”.

Stanislas Guerini, François Bayrou and Edouard Philippe show off their good humor this Thursday. Stephen de Sakutin / AFP


Flowchart items

“Together” will be chaired by Richard Ferrand, François Bayrou and Edouard Philip will be vice-presidents and Stanislas Guerini will be treasurer.


Hidalgo does not oppose the LFI-PS deal

The mayor of Paris, a PS candidate for the 2022 presidential election, has criticized the nomination deal between LFI and his party, but “don’t resist it”, he told AFP.

“It does not provide the necessary guarantees on essential issues such as NATO, Europe’s defense, secularism and universal values,” and “does not do so with respect to the people or respect for established elected officials,” said the former PS presidential candidate and mayor of Paris. But in the face of a “democratic, social and environmental emergency,” he added, “I do not want to prevent an electoral agreement aimed at fighting environmental and social regression.”


LREM will present 400 candidates

To fill the 577 seats in the National Assembly, the LREM would have to field around 400 candidates, according to AFP.

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