The woman picks up the bullet for the stranger boy, the father attends the funeral, and the nine meet the crying baby

When a man goes to the funeral of a woman who was shot for her son, she notices that nine mourning children surround her grave. She learns their heartbreaking story from her neighbors and makes a decision that will change her life.

Elizabeth Burnett has always been an independent woman – or so life taught her to be – like her parents died in a fire that engulfed their home a few years ago, and her so-called husband left her, saying she had no responsibility for it. Or their children.

So instead of mourning her husband’s separation, she was more concerned with her children’s future, their education, and the inculcation of good values ​​in them, so that they would become better people.

However, life tests everyone, and Elizabeth’s children soon had to face the harsh side of their fate …

Elizabeth worked three times a week and 12 hours to support her children. In the morning she worked as a cashier in a small grocery store, as well as as a nurse in a hospital on weekends and in a pizzeria on weekends.

Fortunately, she had a kind neighbor, Mrs. Olsen, who took care of her children in her absence.

“I don’t know how I can benefit you, Mrs. Olsen,” Elizabeth always told him. “You’re like a mother to me.”

The 89-year-old laughed and replied, “Oh honey. Since my husband and I have never had a baby, I love caring for your little ducklings. After all, they are adorable.”

Every day, before going to work, Elizabeth would thank the old lady for her help, and on the weekends she would often bake cookies or pies for her as a token of gratitude. But one day it all stopped …

Elizabeth was watching some customers in the grocery store one morning when a group of three armed men broke in. Some patrons cover in panic, but the gunmen shoot and capture a small child to keep others from escaping.

Three armed, masked men break into Elizabeth’s store. | Source: pixels

“Wherever you are, I’ll blow this kid’s head off,” said one, pointing his gun at the boy’s head. “Empty your pockets and hand over all the money you have; don’t you dare be smart and call the police, or are you all dying, understand? And you,” he added, turning to Elizabeth. “Get all your money out of there and bring it back here!”

Panicked, Elizabeth obeys his demands and hands him the money after emptying his coffers. Meanwhile, his other two accomplices started going to all the shoppers and asking them for money, but the boy’s father Andrew left his wallet in his car.

“Please, don’t do anything to my son, okay? I’m going to get my wallet out of the car right now. I forgot to take it,” he pleaded.

The shooter motioned for one of his associates to take Andrew to his car so that he could not use his phone to call the police.

However, when Andrew went to fetch his wallet, while the man was in the background, he secretly dialed 911 and was able to bring his phone inside the store. Meanwhile, while talking to the shooter, he continued to give instructions over the phone, giving the police a clue about what was happening.

Andrew secretly called 911 for help. | Source: pixels

Within 5 minutes, several police cars approached the crime scene, alerting the robbers.

“Who called the police? I warned you all. Now this boy has to suffer the consequences,” he said, pointing a gun at the young man. She was about to shoot the young man when Elizabeth pushed the baby out of her arms and shot him.

A well thought out decision can change someone’s life forever.

“Shh!” The gunman muttered, and he and his accomplices managed to escape before the police arrived.

Elizabeth is lying in a pool of blood, struggling to breathe.

“Ma’am, try to stay awake! I’m calling 911!” Andrew said when he quickly dialed 911 and took her to the hospital. But unfortunately, he lost so much blood that he died before reaching the hospital.

Police traced Mrs. Olson’s contact with Elizabeth’s belongings and called her to report the accident. The old woman fainted during the roll call, and her husband came forward to arrange for Elizabeth’s funeral.

Mr. Olsen arranged Elizabeth’s funeral. | Source: pixels

Andrew, meanwhile, felt guilty for what had happened but couldn’t help it. He was the one who called the police and he was responsible for Elizabeth’s death. He got his address from the police and asked when the funeral would take place so that he could pay his respects.

The police officer reassured him, “It’s not your fault, sir. It’s just an accident. You and your son should go home now.”

But Andrew could not forgive himself, so he came to see her at Elizabeth’s funeral the next day. However, what he saw shocked him …

Andrew noticed nine little children gathered around Elizabeth’s grave. Four of them were holding hands, weeping in a low voice, the other five were sitting on his grave looking at him with depressed, lowered eyes. Tears were flowing down their cheeks all the time.

“Who are these kids? And why aren’t there any adults around them?” She is surprised and decides to go to the children.

“Hi, baby. What’s your name, and where are your parents? Why are you alone?” He asked the child what he thought was the oldest member of the gang. But the little boy did not answer her, as if he had not listened to her and stared silently at Elizabeth’s tomb.

Andrew tried to ask her again, and a little girl spoke this time. “Mom – Mom won’t come. We’re alone!”

Surprised by the little girl’s words, Andrew decided it was best to ask an adult about it. It was then that he noticed Mr. Olsen, who was receiving everyone’s sympathy and bidding them farewell. She decided to go to him and ask about the kids, to learn their heartbreaking story.

It was Mrs. Olsen who told Andrew the heartbreaking story of children. | Source: pixels

“I’m sorry, sir,” he asked Mr. Olsen as he left. “Who are these 9 children crying around his grave?”

“They are the children of young Elizabeth,” Mr. Olsen revealed. “She was a single mother, and only God knows what will happen to this poor soul. She is no longer alive.”

There was an electric shock when Andrew found out. “She had 9 children !?”

“Well, young man, this is a sad story,” Andrew said in a voice from behind. He turned and saw Mrs. Olsen standing.

“Poor lady … luck was never on her side. After many years of trying, she and her husband finally had three children and then another son … Elizabeth wanted more children, but her body could not bear it, so she The husband asked for an adoption, which she gladly adopted and they adopted five more children. Initially, they only wanted to adopt one of the five, but they were siblings and Elizabeth did not want to separate them … “

“What happened to their father? What happened to him …”

“Oh, what a shock she was! Elizabeth didn’t want to do anything after she started working to support their children and was lazy at home. She said her income was enough so she didn’t have to work, and one day she just left them for another woman.” He loved his children so much that he said he would take care of them himself! I wonder what they will do now … “

Andrew couldn’t hold back the tears at that moment. When he reached home after Janaza, he could not forget the sad and tearful faces of these children. So he decided to talk to his wife about breakfast the next day.

Andrew tried to persuade Lily to adopt Elizabeth’s children. | Source: pixels

“Honey, I understand that you are responsible for what happened,” his wife replied when he advised them to adopt their nine children. “But what you’re asking is … Madness, Andrew! How can we adopt 9 children? You know it’s a huge responsibility.”

“But why can’t we, Lily? We’re fine and these kids shouldn’t be orphaned for the rest of their lives. Why aren’t we taking steps to take care of them? Look, I’m not pressuring you; at least we can take care of them until we We don’t decide if we want to adopt them. What do you think about that? “

“Okay, okay, but it’s not for me to adopt. We’ll see.”

“Of course darling.”

Andrew and Lily contacted Cassandra, a social worker who had been their close friend since the foster parents, and with their help they were able to raise nine children.

Of course, juggling and raising children was a challenge for Andrew and Lily, but they began to love children day after day and eventually decided to adopt them.

When the paperwork was done and the children were legally adopted, Andrew and Lily rejoiced. The poor children had loving parents, and Andrew and Lily had a wonderful family of 10 children.

Now, whenever Andrew visits Elizabeth’s grave, he apologizes to her for not being able to save her on that unfortunate day. At the same time, she promises him that her children will be safe with her and Lily and that they will raise them with their love for their son.

What can we learn from this story?

  • The family is built with love and care, not necessarily with blood. Lily and Andrew adopted Elizabeth’s children and became their loving parents.
  • A thoughtful decision can change a person’s life forever. Andrew and Lily chose to adopt Elizabeth’s children and give them a loving home.

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