What are the first aid measures in case of miscarriage?

Wrong way: When the child swallows food in wrong way

The Wrong way I mean Abnormal passage of food or objects By Respiratory tract (Trachea). According to the Health Insurance website, about 80% of children who take the wrong path are under 3 years of age.

What is the reason?

“We have two ducts: one for food (esophagus), the other for breathing (trachea), Dr. Chabernad mentioned. The Wrong wayIn the true sense of the word, The fact that a foreign body is nominated – A food or a small object – goes through “Bad” pipe. That is called by TracheaAnd not by Esophagus. Then there is the risk of suffocation Suffocate. A

In its house Baby And Small children (Under 5 years of age), d Risk of misdirection Is Especially high.

Often the doctor remembers the wrong way to breathe – peanuts (once in two), pesto, hazelnuts – or a small object (ball, plastic token, part of a toy, etc.). . Most miscarriages occur during meals or games, with an adult present.

What are the symptoms of aspiration in children?

Your child was playing quietly while he was Suddenly the cough starts Cruel? In infants, the following symptoms may occur incorrectly:

  • A Sudden coughCoughing, Without any pathology TypeCommon cold,BronchitisEtc. “The Cough It is a defensive image, recalls Dr. Chabernand. The baby will suddenly start coughing. Often, this becomes a normal body reflection Very effective To clear the airways and to expel foreign bodies that breathe spontaneously. ,
  • A Respiratory distress : Coughing may be accompanied by shortness of breath (the baby no longer has enough air) and the sound of abnormal breathing (StridorHiss)
  • A Cough or absence of sound : Children can also stop coughing and make no sounds (talking, crying, screaming).
  • A ImmobilityA Loss of tone,
  • A Loss of consciousness : In rare cases, the child may become unconscious,
  • A PaleACyanosis (Blue edges and lips).

There may be episodes of suffocation Short duration If The external body has been expelled Or if it is due to cough effort The trachea descends into oneWhere it gets stuck.

For Wrong wayWe must work Extremely fast. On the other hand, the gestures will not be the same Gravity function Situation and Character, effective or not, cough.

In front of an effective cough

When baby or toddler Effectively coughThe doctor advised Encourage him to cough If as difficult as possible and observe Cough reflex Cleans the airways. “It’s useless to put pressure on his back as long as he’s coughing,” it recalls.

Experiencing the onset of an ineffective cough and suffocation

On the other hand, when The cough proved ineffective And shows signs of infant or child Respiratory distress With Stridor, Cyanosis – i.e. blue color of lips and edges – or even Loss of consciousnessWe need to act very quickly and get started The strategy is clear.

Before Take a deep breathIt needs to be practiced quickly Clearing method : Pats in the back, Strategy Of Himlich Or of MoffensonDepending on the age of the baby.

When children are aware:

  • Place the baby on your flexible thigh, head down,
  • Give him 5 firm slaps on the back with the hand flattened between the two shoulder blades.
  • If The child is less than one year oldIt rotates (holding its head and neck) and performs 5 Book compression Rapid “Heimlich technique should only be performed in children over one year of age, Dr. Chabernad recalls. Under this age, abdominal thrush can be dangerous. In fact, there is a risk of liver damage, which is associated with liver overflow.”
  • From the age of one year : Perception Himlich technique.
  • Stand behind your childWrap his arms around his waist and tilt his bust slightly forward,
  • Form A fist with one of your handsAnd place it between the navel and the lower end of the sternum, Under the rib cageGood in the middle of the stomach,
  • Hold the fist with the other hand and push it hard up and back, As if to take the child away.
  • Repeat the movement 5 times.

Moffenson’s strategy

In its house Children under 2 years of ageInside In case of failure Of The first strategy (Back pats), you can practice immediately Moffenson’s strategyHeimlich is a variant of the strategy.

  • Place the baby’s face down on your thighsBowing his head,
  • Place the fingers of one hand on either side of his neck,
  • With your other hand flat, Give a sharp blow to the blade of his shoulder,
  • If the foreign body does not come out, repeat the operation five times in a row,
  • If Shortness of breath continuesPerception 5 Book compression : Turn the baby on its back and place your arms on your thighs, keeping the head slightly below the body. Support the head with your hands and compress the chest with two fingers at the level of the sternum. Repeat the compression 5 times.

“It simply came to our notice then Continue this strategyUntil deportationForeign bodyDr. Chabernad added. Then it is urgent Check if the baby is breathing spontaneously Where No.. This must be installed Lateral security position (PLS), pending The arrival of help. A

When the child is unconscious:

  • Open the trachea And Check if a foreign body is present,
  • To practice Five breaths (Face to face),
  • If, despite inflation, ventilation does not resume, start Cardiopulmonary resuscitation,
  • Inhale the air, then compress the external chest for one minute Before calling emergency services (18 or 15), and continue cardiopulmonary resuscitation,
  • If several adults are present, ask one of them to call the emergency services.

If False road Things FrequentlyIn both children and healthy adults or adults, Some precautions may prevent them.

  • To avoid To give to your child Some foods before 4 years of age. ” Peanuts, Hazelnut, PestoBut also Grape seedsDr. Chabrand says. In fact, we forget that it can only create a plug with the skin of the fruit. I also advise against Babybell-type cheeseWhich will form a paste that can Inhibits air-digestion connection, I.e. the crossing of the airways which allows us to breathe and the digestive system which allows us to eat. A
  • Keep it Out of reach of the childAll Small objects – Marble, plastic tokens, buttons, beads, etc. – as well as small toy parts and Button cell battery.
  • Teach yours The child will sit down to eatDonkey Do not talk with food in your mouth And Chew well Before swallowing.
  • Finally, check and Follow the recommendations Age related and Toy tag security.

Misdirection and lung infection

Once the miscarriage is over, continue to monitor your baby’s breathing. If, in the following days, he starts coughing or Fever, You should consult your doctor. It really could beA lung infection.

“Finally, it is also possible that we are forced to remove the foreign body, if it descends into one of the two bronchi,” Dr. Chabernad concluded. This intervention, is called tracheobronchial endoscopyPerformed under general anesthesia.

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