Bussy-Saint-Georges: In RER A, thieves target women

Three of the thieves were arrested for several thefts at RER A in Seine-et-Marne. They were sentenced on April 6, 2022 in Mক্সxico. (Le Mylene Andrieux)

Quader, homeless and destitute, easily found a solution to the money, purse robbery at RERA at Seine-et-Marne station. He took the opportunity to stop a victim – always a woman – from snatching his mobile phone or a piece of jewelry. Never alone, the 18-year-old recruited his colleagues to his squat or at a nearby home. On Friday, May 6, 2022, the provocateur and two accomplices appeared in the criminal court of Mক্সux.

The Procedure Straight together, they chose a station, found a prey, and as soon as he got into the car, Kader ran inside when his companion closed the door. Kader pushed the man and stole their belongings and the two immediately fled.

On Monday, April 25, a woman went to the police station to lodge a complaint. At 7:10 a.m., at the Lagnes station, he was just there Stolen his cell phone While sitting on the RER.

Six offenses in five days in the RER for the leader

Video surveillance has enabled police to identify the two culprits and the way they acted. After a while, they find out that a similar operation took place a few minutes ago Busy-Saint-Georges. Victim reported the incident to staff present.

Four more wrongdoings have been reported in the course of the investigation Neuilly-PlaisancePer Saint-Maureen-des-Faces And Paris Wednesday 27 April then at Joinville-le-pont Two days later. At Neuilly-Plaisance around 6:45 a.m., they failed when they tried to tear Isabel’s gold necklace. Refusing to see a family heir disappear, she struggles and starts screaming. The intervention of a user has put two heroes on the flight.

Investigations and found through CCTV

From the given details and remote observation, investigators were able to identifyAlready one of the authors on file At the end of March to get involved in a previous case. They traced his phone number and looked for people who were stopping at the same place at the same time.

Thanks to the cross check carried, they marked Two of the three alleged accomplices. They were arrested from their respective residences on Tuesday, May 3 while searching. At the end of their police custody, the three offenders were remanded in pre-trial custody before being tried in their immediate presence.

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Big or small thief?

From the beginning of the hearing, the lawyer for the three accused The age of one of the three accused has been reconsidered. Based on a copy of the documents from the Algerian authorities and documents provided by a cousin, he requested that his client, a minor at the time, be transferred to a suitable court.

I.The information was immediately reversed By the public prosecutor who takes advantage of other documents issued by the foreign service and confirms the majority of the three young men. The judges rejected the request, maintaining doubts about the veracity of the supporting documents produced by the defense.

“Targeting only women is a sign of cowardice! A

Earlier, the presiding judge wanted to allow each party to speak Know their motivation “It simply came to our notice then. We had nothing to eat! On her behalf, the civil defense lawyer noted: “Targeting women only is a sign of cowardice!”

In continuation, the public prosecutor’s representative reminded that “the current triviality of these crimes will in no way obscure the emotional level of the victims.” He was annoyed by the behavior of “three young flight professionals” Necessary intensity. “If you’re hungry, steal sandwiches from the supermarket, stop bothering women! “

Jail for up to 6 months for burglary

The judges gave them The fines are proportional to their involvement Mohammed was sentenced to six months in prison, Amin was sentenced to eight months in prison with four months in prison, and Kader was sentenced to six months in prison with six months in prison.

They announced the continued detention of Amin and Kader. They have to pay jointly and in total € 3,539 to three victims Claim compensation for damages incurred.

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