Cher firefighters introduce parents to first aid for infants and young children

What to do with a child who is suffocating on a marble, bleeding from the nose or unconscious after falling? All parents have already asked themselves these questions or felt powerless in the face of this situation. In order not to feel powerless in an emergency, a handful of parents who are members of the Caucasus’ Jux et Merveiles Family Cr কche requested an institution for first aid.

Isabel Toleron, director of the Jeux et Merveilles crèche, summarizes: “We have received numerous requests from parents who have told us that they do not know the exact nature of the adoption. The director of Cr্রেche then returns to the Cher (UDSP 18) Firefighters’ Divisional Union, which provides an initiation focusing on prevention and rescue work for infants and children.

Last Saturday, Olivia Bograt, firefighter, and Isabel Ross, a specialist in health and medical rescue services for midwives and firefighters, introduced the nine participants to the children’s first aid gestures.

“Can we be blamed for trying to save a child? One of the participants is concerned. In a circle around a dummy representing a child, nine participants, with some apprehension, firefighters are doing cardiac massage. Because of the physiology of very young children, everyone is afraid of these emergency gestures, which requires special care.

“We can never blame a citizen for trying to save a child or children.”

For Isabel Ross, who visits children and their parents on a daily basis, these fears are valid: For this reason it is important to know them well. But we can never blame a citizen for trying to save a child or infants by practicing first aid. A
Two firefighters also stressed the need for prevention (sudden infant death syndrome, fitting your home to protect yourself from accidents, etc.). “All of this echoes the government’s” first 1,000 days “operation, underlining the midwife. We bring our skills and advice to parents.”

On behalf of the parents, nine participants, all mothers or grandmothers, came out satisfied with the initiation, such as Joe and his mother Valerie: “It’s good to know how to react to an accident, it can help others, not just my daughter. A view shared by Melissandre: “I work with teenagers in college. It can help me not to sit idle in emergencies.”

The results are also very positive from the organizational point of view. The director of the nursery plans to make the initiation permanent every year. The parents have already come forward for the next initiation. “Families are already asking for our second session, to be able to practice,” underlined Isabel Toleron, director of Crche. “This is the second such initiation we have given,” explains Olivier Bograt The first took place in Saint-Martin-d’Oxigni, at the request of the parents of those who had gathered. This is a training that can be given everywhere. Why not at school. A

UDSP 18. The Departmental Union of Firefighters of Cher (UDSP 18) is a training institute for first aid and fire, for the general public, but also for the community and business.
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