Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit, Dracenois looks back on his career at Pascal Port

She burst out laughing. Introduces a tease to blush the photographer. One thing is for sure, when Pascale Porte rolls around in a room, no one can miss him.

Per Unless he enjoys the company … “Life is too short to laugh “She breathes.

Fortunately, her face shows a completely contagious one … after all, she’s in Draguinan to talk about some good news!

Rewards. “I was awarded the Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit. ” A surprise. But with retrospect, it’s a victory. “A Deal with My Past Life “She smiles.

“I didn’t move.”

EWhile studying economics in Aix-en-Provence in the 1980s, he could not have imagined entering this world. “I knew nothing about agriculture. I wasn’t happy studying, but I kept going because that’s what you have to do. “

Another burst of laughter. “Without it, I quit my job a month before my final exam to become a journalist for the regional daily press.”

A profession discovered during an internship. “I wasn’t dedicated to being a professional, but I liked the relationship aspect so I started. “

He has a big crush and his life is turning upside down. CDD, Freelancer … Pascale Porte attaches all possible contracts, except CDI. “I wanted to work! Whatever the cost. I’ve collected everything the post reporters didn’t want to do. I was not shaky! “

She is one of the few women in the company’s field. “A role at that time is not always funny.

And he will experience it very often once. “I fell in love with a photographer from a competing newspaper. I am pregnant, ready to go on maternity leave. And fire me! ”

The news comes during a pot and a verbal promise of a term in her honor after the birth of her child. “A few typed words, no explanation. I was told they would not have to report this decision to me … “

Eight months pregnant, she is now unemployed. His partner is a freelancer, Galli.

“There, I tell myself I have two possible choices. Either I will act or I will cry. I have finally decided to act while crying.”

Pascal catches Proud’s Holmes at the port. “It was my opening. “And since then he has not stopped.

“I won. They dropped the case on the advice of their lawyer. Especially since I wasn’t the only woman that day. There were three of us.”

A test that will give him the strength to subdue others.

“Obviously, the life of a housewife does not suit me at all. Fortunately, people talk to me about the media in the country.” An agricultural policy journal, bi-monthly. ” Claude Bonnet, then editor-in-chief, accepted me. I told him very clearly that I would not be like that Humility, if I can protect myself. Vs.It made him happy. I started in 1989 and stayed until 2015. “

If the profession is the same, the universe is completely unknown to him. “We write very technical articles, for example, about the effects of native yeast on wines. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. There is a big responsibility. A Pascale Porte does not shy away from anything. Dracénoise rolled up his sleeves, worked. “I admit it, at first I thought I was going to be upset. I set aside six months to retain myself. In the end, I hook. I fell in love! A A new crash. A job that has opened the door to great possibilities for him, such as the opportunity to perform for UNESCO, the big names in onology, the opportunity to meet wine growers around the world.

“The power of war”

“We had a guideline, we knew we were working for a trade union, but we were doing our job as journalists. We weren’t a veterinarian! We’ve done really hard editorial sometimes and we put our finger where it hit. Claude Bonnet has always believed in us. A But there are fewer and fewer farmers, so In the country of burden There are also fewer and fewer customers. You have to bring diversity. His vision, of a very intense nature, became dark. “We have started doing side services, especially for hunters. A He is still facing a universe he does not know. “It simply came to our notice then. A Funds are increasingly scarce. “We are desperately trying to find solutions to save our jobs and this tool was an exceptional political support. When you have this support, you have the science of war. A Finally, the last number will not appear (1). Pascale Porte can’t even say goodbye to readers. “The bill would not have been paid …”Regret one who became director of communications at the town hall of Brignoles.

So this Pascale Porte Medal will celebrate it appropriately. “I would like to invite all the people I could not say goodbye to when I left and those who identified me.” He quotes Eric Paul, the former editor In the country of burden. “And the one who slipped my name to get this difference. A And don’t fail to thank one in particular: “Claude Bonnet. I want him to give it back to me! It’s important that he is. He listened to me when others wanted to silence me. This medal is like an Oscar, I’m sharing it with my whole team.”‘In a heavy country. It’s our smile, you hit us but we’re still here. A

What if you got a place in Conversation?
Trigans village. It’s in the middle of nothing, this place is crazy. There is no specific place of my choice, it is the whole village. Drink at the bar … Appreciate the view. It’s an environment.

What if you had a scent?
Hot bread is that, easy. My people actually. VS.Smells like home!

A song?
I always said that when I die I want to hear The moon has a date with the sun By Charles Trent.

A book?
Not a book in particular, but an author: Erie de Luca. This is my favorite. A little clever! It’s militant, well written. A joy!

An animal?
Cats. He is independent, has no lord, chooses his home. Do what he wants, what!

A dish?
Anything eggplant based. I love it.

An object?
A book. But not a pretty book, I don’t like that. I read this new, but I triture it so much that I kill it. I have a very physical relationship with the book …

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