La Petite Ecole: Educational Continuity for Elementary School Students

Choosing a school is an important decision for any parent, as it will shape their child’s future in the next few years. La Petite Ecole has been established in Singapore for over 10 years as an international nursery school approved by the French Ministry and has built a reputation for the quality of bilingual education in French and English. Focusing on the well-being of each child and co-educational work with parents to achieve this goal, La Petite Ecole continues to develop its initial offer.

All you need to know about LA PETITE ECOLE

Its mission:

La Petite Ecole, a member of Odyssey Education, has a mission to provide quality education in a human-sized environment, in a green and clean environment, by teaching official French national education programs in both French and English. The school currently welcomes CP (up to 7 years) children from a very small category (2.5 years old).

Its approval, quality guarantee:

La Petite Ecole is approved by the National Education Ministry and a partner of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), like the IFS with which it works to offer complementary offers to French citizens and anyone interested in French courses. In order to provide a consistent and quality education abroad, AEFE monitors and coordinates the teaching methods of a network of more than 535 schools worldwide.

Historical location of:

Historically, La Petite Ecole has always been located in the same building as Blue House International at 2, Turf Club Road, Bukit Timah. In a busy small town-state like Singapore, finding a green and quiet environment for running a pre-school is not easy. At the Turf Club, students not only benefit from the playground, but also have access to their playground and a nearby swimming pool, facilities that help create a conducive learning environment for children from maternity. They will continue to use these facilities for the 2022-2023 school year.

Basic offer development of:

The transition from kindergarten to elementary school is important in a child’s life because it involves many changes. This can sometimes lead to some inconvenience, as the child will make his little cocoon throughout the kindergarten year. To meet the needs of families who want their children to continue their education at La Petite Ecole with the same educational continuity and the same teaching methods as in Kindergarten, the school decided last year to expand its offer with a project. For opening primary classes over 4 years. The CP was opened in September 2021 to the delight of the children and their families in the Grande section. You will see the following sections open up to CM2 each consecutive year

La Petite Ecole and Alliance Française share a long-standing passion for French culture and language. Before the Covid-19 health crisis, a school outing was traditionally organized for the Alliance Franchise each year to allow children to immerse themselves in the French universe.

In the center of the French hub for an immersive experience:

La Petite Ecole is pleased to welcome “adults” (CP and CE1 students) to the Alliance franchise from September 2022, where they will be at the center of a vibrant French culture and a free environment. World.

Students will not only benefit from unlimited access to the Alliance Française Media Library, which has over 17,000 books, DVDs and various publications, but also direct access to exciting events (storytelling sessions, meetings with authors, etc.) at your fingertips.

The Alliance Française offers high quality language courses and entertainment, such as film screenings, drama and art exhibitions, in Newton’s modern and easily accessible premises.

CP and CE1 students will have dedicated classrooms for their daily lessons, including all the necessary tools (including digital equipment). Experienced French and English-speaking teachers will teach the formal French curriculum in two languages: French and English, a feature of La Petite Ecole. Children will continue to enjoy Mandarin lessons and library sessions they already know. They will also have a choice of extra-curricular activities (AES), such as language enhancement or theater, and will be given access to a holiday camp organized on the Bukit Timah site (subject to health regulations imposed by the authorities).

The well-being and safety of each student is a top priority of La Petite Ecole. Today, we no longer have to prove the benefits of spending time outside, and this is consistent with school philosophy, since children benefit from it every day. It’s fun to play and bond, but it allows you to continue learning outside the classroom. CP and CE1 students will have safe access to parks near Alliance Française for daily activities and sports, but they will also benefit from nearby sports facilities.

Depending on the needs of the school family and for convenience, ad hoc services such as canteen and school transport will be organized, as is currently the case at the Bukit Timah site.

A new chapter, therefore, for La Petite Ecole, whose development project has received support from the Odyssey Education headquarters in Paris, but also from the French and local authorities in Singapore.

… And other exciting projects for the future!

While Kindergarten will continue to operate in Turf City for the 2022-2023 school year, La Petite Ecole has other big plans for the years ahead.

Bringing all levels together on a single site helps to biologically integrate the bridge into the 3 “cycles” that make up the primary school system in the French education system. To ensure continuity for year after year students up to CM2, La Petite Ecole’s long-term project is to open a new campus in September 2023, where all students will be able to grow and develop. An attractive overall environment will improve


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