Philippe Marieau will be in hiding on Tuesday, May 10: “I am in favor of an educational alliance.”

On the occasion of its Divisional Congress, which will be held on Monday 9 May and Tuesday 10 May, the SNUipp-FSU 58 Union will welcome, at the end of the work, Philippe Marieau for a time exchange and the theme of the debate. Emancipatory school, how to regain control over our profession, any project for school ”?. A conference is open to all.

Honorary Professor of Educational Sciences, National President of CEMEA (Training Center for Active Learning Methods), Author Unexpected dictionary of pedagogy Answered our question.

Philip Mario, Honorary Professor of Educational Sciences.

Do you plan on taking stock of these five years spent with National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanker?

This will be assessed by the trade union colleagues. It is necessary. As I travel a lot and meet teachers from all walks of life, I feel that we are in a particularly dark time in the history of education. Teachers are discouraged, even bitter. They have been discredited, lacking financial and social recognition. There is a very worrying indicator: the decrease in the number of candidates for the competition to join the teaching staff. At 72 years old, I don’t think I gave in to such a sad time with such general depression.

Teachers are discouraged, even bitter. They have been discredited, lacking financial and social recognition.

How do you analyze this unprecedented crisis?

We need to understand the cause of such a crisis. Teachers have the responsibility of a minister who does not like democratic debate very much. But there are also political choices that need to be understood: Why was the systematic national assessment recovered so quickly? Why do we rely solely on neuroscience to develop learning methods? All this takes place in an international context. Today there is a policy that has activated a kind of suspicion, even rivalry, between parents and teachers.

An educational ecosystem

Would you say that it is more difficult to practice teaching today?

Yes, without hesitation. This task has become more difficult to exercise. Today’s children are no longer yesterday’s children. We have children who are much more aware and more mature. And conversely, more children in other matters. Tuesday (NDRL May 10), During the debate, it will not be enough to analyze. We also have to think about new perspectives.

Philippe Marieau: “When a society goes too fast, we need a school where we learn to think.”

Precisely, do you see the possibility?

Teachers and parents must form a genuine educational alliance with a third partner in the popular education movement. We need to give our children back the power of their liberation. That’s a big deal. The baby must be well surrounded. We need to create a complete educational ecosystem around him that allows him to thrive.

Practice. The debate will be held on Tuesday, May 10, from 6 p.m., at the Mason du People in Forchambult. It is open to anyone interested in education-related matters.


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