The day Edith Cresson became France’s first female prime minister

“I have appointed Mrs. Edith Cresson as Prime Minister this afternoon.” Looking steadily at the camera, then-Republican President Francois Mitterrand announced the names of Michelle Rockard’s successors, who had just resigned, to French women and men in front of their televisions.

This is May 15, 1991, the column that defined itself The world As a “left golist”, at age 57, Matiganon’s first female tenant. Three decades later, he remains the only French politician to hold the post.

It’s been almost 31 years since the appointment, and re-elected President Emmanuel Macron is preparing to announce the future head of government. 74% of French women and men say they want a female politician to take on this role. This survey FIFGPublished April 28, 2022, reveals that French women are slightly more likely to express this desire (76%) than their male counterparts (72%).

This picture also changes according to the political tendencies of those concerned. Among Socialist Party voters, 87% said they were optimistic about hiring a female politician (85% compared to EELV supporters, 83% LaREM, 73% Republicans, 70% RN)., 64% RequestQuest, and finally, 60% of FI), this is the highest percentage.

However, the then Prime Minister from PS was the victim of sexist remarks by politicians in his camp. “There were a lot of contestants. All these gentlemen wanted to be the Prime Minister. (…) Since we were going to the end. [du mandat, ndlr], [ils] They get angry thinking this [le] Will not “, rewinds Edith Cresson Public Senate.

The misrule of the political class transcends divisions. On the right as on the left, the pioneer is ridiculed, attacked. And this, from his general policy speech, was given to the National Assembly just 7 days after his appointment.

A prime minister has been confronted by sex surrounded by political class

On the hemisphere, politicians laugh out loud until they drown out his voice when he presents to them his project for France. “I heard deputies behind me say: ‘She’s not bad enough’, ‘Do you think she has panties?'”, Recalls former PS deputy Dennis Cacheux, who was present at the assembly today. There, and interrogatedINA. Edith Cresson herself called MPs “naked!” Heard screaming.

Former President of the Constitutional Council Pierre Majeed, then an RPR deputy, violently compared his speech to the catalog of ” La Redout“, When UDF deputy Ian Piat called her” asexual. “

“It’s not that she’s a woman that Edith Cresson has been the victim of. Has been “, analyzed by sociologist Delphine Dulung, an expert on the relationship of dominance in political institutions.
In other words: her opponents accuse her of being a woman, with sexist hints, but above all, for not behaving like that – according to them her strong temper has reached a “masculine” character.
I have been elected Deputy, Mayor, General Councilor and Minister five times. So, what should you do to be legal when you are a woman?

Francois D’Abert, then UDF deputy (a few years later he will be appointed Secretary of State for research), would dare to confirm that there is a “certain parallel” between the careers of Marquis de Pompadour and Edith Cresson, thus indicating that the latter is the head of state. Concubine. “How can a woman enter such a dignified position?”, We read in an annoying subtext.

Bourbon Palace is the abode of this heinous, uninterrupted sex. From the media point of view: not much better. The Paris DailyNow defunct, the title “Matignonne” was used when he was appointed, and when he arrived at the cabinet, televisions filmed his legs in close-up.

Corney show [émission de télévision satirique de marionnettes, diffusée sur TF1 entre 1982 et 1995, ndlr] Represented me in the guise of a lustful panther who rolled over the legs of Francois Mitterrand, who kicked to get out of it “, also recalls the pioneer at the microphone. French culture.

“I’ve been elected deputy, mayor, general councilor and minister five times. So, what do you have to do to be legitimate if you’re a woman? It’s really awesome …” Cut, or even infamous for his loud voice.

“What you want to do doesn’t make them interested in the end …”, the former prime minister lamented. Who added bitterly to his autobiography French story (Edition du Rocher, 2006): “I would be human, the matter would not give birth to such a circus

A long political career before “Matiganon’s Hell”

The daughter of a finance inspector and a stay-at-home mom, this Parisian graduate “HEC-Young Girls”, also holding a doctorate in demography, can boast of a well-filled political CV.

Mayor of the city of Chatelart, a city of 30,000 inhabitants in Vienna, he was also a deputy and general counsel for the department.

Edith Cresson was a four-time member before being elected head of government. He was appointed Minister of Agriculture (1981-1983), then Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (1983-1984), Minister of Industrial Rehabilitation and Foreign Trade (1984-1986), and finally Minister of European Affairs (1988-1990).

But when Franোয়াois Mitterrand offers him the Michel Rockard successor, the politician has already left the next government. At the time, he was dedicated to creating a company whose goal was to support French companies established in Eastern European countries.

I predicted difficulties but not to this extent, not this extraordinary aggression, this unreasonable meanness.

For many years, Edith Cresson was the head of the then Socialist Party in the country, along with Francois Mitterrand. From the first head of state Left Under V.And The Republic pays him well with this appointment. Or not. This experience It was a real ordeal for women politiciansEmployed in the second half of his term, in a complex social context – with rising unemployment.

Edith Cresson has cashed in on an unpopularity that has exploded, not only because of the surrounding sex, but also because of some of her inappropriate outings.

“When we talk about the hell of Mattignon, I’m glad to know that this is not an exaggeration, as the former prime minister has painfully testified. French culture. I predicted difficulties but not to this extent, not this extraordinary aggression, this unreasonable meanness. All this is false information. They lent me things I never said.

The failure of the Left in regional and canton elections has reduced their suffering. April 2, 1992, i.e., Edith Cresson replaces Pierre Beregove, just ten months after moving to Matigan..

After Matignon

François Mitterand never abandoned it for all that. In January 1995, the President of the Republic elected him a member of the European Commission. Still the mayor of Chatlerlet, Edith Cresson was in charge of science, research and development in Brussels, before condemning the European Court of Justice for its bias.

The politician is accused of giving a fictitious job to a dentist friend in his former hometown (in 1997, then-Prime Minister Lionel Jospin asked him to step down to avoid submitting a mandate).

After that, Edith Creason would be prudent. The Socialists will support Segolen Royal in 2007 and Franোয়াois Hollande in 2012 until he is applauded at his meetings, but in 2017 Emmanuel Macron.

When he was a member of the European Commission, and when he dealt specifically with educational questions, Edith Cresson created the second chance school For the younger ones who were dropped out early. Undoubtedly one of the projects performed during his political career that is closest to his heart when he looks back. The sites are now located in French territory and the results of those who take courses there are mostly final. In 70% of cases, the latter find a job after going through this program or return to a worthy course of study.

At 88, Edith Creason is now its honorary president Simmons, Launched in late 2021 by two centralist deputies. The purpose of this association? Encourage women to get involved in politics. Not sure if one’s experience inspires sex so violently. But what will happen without the only prime minister of the fifth republic?

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