Transform Automated Claim Evaluation and Estimation with Bdeo’s New Guideware Marketplace App

San Mateo, California and Madrid, May 09, 2022– (Business Wire) – Guideware (NYSE: GWRE) and Bdeo Technologies SL (Bdeo) have announced the new Accelerator. Ready for guideware Guidewire ClaimCenter from Bdeo (compatible with Gidewire) is now available in the Guidewire Marketplace.

According to McKinsey & Company, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help transform the insurance industry, especially in asset and accident (P&C) claims management, where the use of data capture, sensors and other technologies is becoming more common. Bdeo uses AI automation to enable insurers worldwide to expedite automated claim processing. Thanks to Bdeo’s visual intelligence, the insured can digitally submit photos and videos of the First Notice of Damage (FNOL). Visual Intelligence quickly evaluates the severity and repair costs associated with the loss and provides the insurer with an automated analysis.

Within Guidewire ClaimCenter, insurers can then look at the cost of repairs from Bdeo, make the right decision, and even hire service providers. Using Bdeo’s visual intelligence, repair service providers can instantly capture digital evidence and recover damage analysis.

Using Bdeo’s accelerator, insurers can:

  • Request Remote Visit in ClaimCenter;

  • Ask policyholders to submit digital photos and loss videos, or schedule a video call with them to provide digital and remote real-time advice; And

  • Provide quick loss reports to policyholders and service providers.

Julio said, “Insurers can evaluate losses and estimate costs with lightning speed, accuracy and precision, so that they can make better decisions in the shortest time possible, thanks to Bdeo’s technology.” “These skills allow for quicker settlement of claims, enabling insurance companies to provide a better experience for their customers. A

“We congratulate Bdeo on its ClaimCenter Accelerator,” said Becky Matic, vice president of the Global Solutions Alliance. “The claims settlement process can be complicated; AI-driven algorithms and digital data within the claims center help improve the customer experience by streamlining the skills and productivity available to insurers. A

About Bdeo

Bdeo is an artificial intelligence company based in Spain, Mexico, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, with clients spread across 20 different countries. The company’s goal is to optimize the auto and home insurance industry through a complete visual intelligence solution that facilitates the connection between the customer and the insurance company. Bdeo provides state-of-the-art technology that accelerates traditional underwriting and demands resolution workflows by digitizing and automating the process through state-of-the-art visual intelligence.

With a wide range of pricing offerings throughout the customer journey, Bdeo is transforming the underwriting and claims experience as it reduces friction, increases satisfaction and reduces operating costs for insurers. Insurance, therefore, has a big impact on the single economy. To learn more about Bdeo, please visit

About Guidewire PartnerConnect and Ready for guideware

Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution Partners provides insurance support services in addition to software, technology and data solutions. Our solution partners create value for the business by developing and delivering various add-ons solutions for various integrations, extensions, applications and guideware products and providing innovation to insurers. Ready for Guideware Solutions All of our partners are verified for safety, quality and compatibility with Guideware, and Guideware is available in the Marketplace.

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About guideware software

Guideware is a platform P&C insurers believe in employing, innovating and effectively growing. We combine digital, core business, analytics and AI to provide our platform as a service in the cloud. More than 450 insurers, from start-ups to one of the world’s largest and most complex companies, run by Guideware.

As partners with our clients, we are constantly evolving to facilitate their success. We are proud of our unparalleled implementation record, with over 1,000 successful projects, supported by the largest R&D team and industry-wide partner ecosystem. Our platform offers hundreds of applications that accelerate integration, localization and innovation.

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