Valin Private Course: Excellence from afar!

Due to the health crisis, the number of educated students from primary to high school has skyrocketed. The rediscovery of the benefits of this method of teaching for telework and specific profiles extends this trend.

With over 35 years of experience in distance learning, Cours Privé Valin is a recognized reference for the quality of its teaching, its results and the family spirit that unites students, families and teachers. Meet Gillianne Valin, founder of Cours Valin.

Who are your students?

Profiles are as diverse as inspiration. Traditionally, distance courses have mainly taken athletes or families away from school, either because they lived far from a city, or because they lived abroad.

The situation today is much more varied. We welcome many students who have been abused by harassment or relationship difficulties, many “dys” profiles who do not find their place in traditional education, children who need more personalized help to measure their talents. We also welcome students whose parents are not satisfied with the drop in level we see in many institutions and highly gifted students whose learning accelerates.

Many students also have a “normal” profile, which requires time for their emotions, be it sports, music practice or other art. 3 to 4 hours of lessons per day is usually enough to complete the program at their level, which gives them time to develop into other activities.

Whatever the inspiration, for a year and get back on your feet, or for a full cycle, distance learning makes it possible to personalize learning to its rhythm and follow.

How is your course built?

We’ve created our courses by combining best practices and content. Cours Privé Valin provides a demanding education, but beneficial methods that facilitate learning and enjoy learning.

For elementary school, for example, we use proven methods such as the syllabic method for learning to read. How many children have difficulty reading due to knowing the experimental method! Spelling, dictation, multiplication table …: Course Valin adopts a working method. It is very satisfying to see children playing with numbers or words, once they have mastered this method.

For middle school and high school, we follow national education activities by explicitly assessing progress, understanding the methodology, autonomy of students’ work, meaning and interest in content. Again, the results are amazing.

Teachers are responsive and approachable. They give their lessons in written form and via video conferencing and answer students’ questions outside of this lesson. Connected, but discreetly, the course puts Valin technology at the service of education and according to the students.

Homework throughout the year.

In the first year, students benefit from 6 oral exams throughout the year to prepare for their French baccalaureate.

A reference teacher carefully observes the smooth running of the school, encourages, congratulates and lays the foundation for progress with the family and all the teachers. We build a close relationship with each student whose life path and family environment we know a little about.

Distance education, future education?

Distance learning complements it in school. It is this flexibility that allows everyone to find their way to success. It also makes it possible to solve difficult life situations, for the benefit of all, or to provide material for the fastest and most talented students.

The results confirm the contribution of French school landscape distance education.

Course Valin has 100% success in all patent or undergraduate examinations with rates and levels above the national average, but students must follow their programs completely.

Excellence and generosity give very good results for the success of all. It’s been Valin’s mission for over 35 years!

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