122 dead in 24 hours, 20,498 patients hospitalized

Update on the situation – New arrangements, new reports and highlights: Le Figaro Covid-19 provides an update on the latest developments in the epidemic.

In Guadeloupe, vaccination obligations lead to more than 50 conventional breaches, Macron has challenged Shike on the impact of covid on the French in China, the statistics of the day … Le Figaro This Tuesday, May 10 Kovid-19 provides an update on the latest information regarding the epidemic.

122 dead in 24 hours, 20,498 patients hospitalized

A total of 122 people died in Covid on Tuesday, according to Public Health France. 20,498 patients are currently hospitalized (as against 28,835 on Monday). In the last 24 hours 1167 patients have come. 1364 patients were treated in critical care.

Obligation to vaccinate in Guadeloupe leads to more than 50 conventional cracks

In Guadeloupe, 54 people whose employment contracts were suspended for refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 have gone on to terminate their contracts, AFP reported from authorities on Tuesday.

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Towards the end of 2021, in the face of urban violence in the French West Indies, crystalline around the obligation to vaccinate caregivers, the government set up intermediaries for unvaccinated health workers and suspended those who wanted it, Guadeloupe and Martini. This insulting measure has not been applied anywhere else in French territory. In Guadeloupe, 1,150 of the 17,500 people subject to the vaccination obligation have been suspended, according to the report.

160 suspended staff requested support“Flores Nestor, who indicated on Tuesday that the workers responsible for operating the abusive device had refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19, which ended in April,” he said.

Macron has challenged Shike on Kovid’s influence on the French in China

Emanuel Macron told Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday.Dealing with anxiety“Among the French, affected by anti-Covid sanctions, Elysee indicated after a telephone conversation between the two leaders. During this 1h30 exchange, the head of state,”France has expressed solidarityWith China, which is facing its worst epidemic wave in two months since the initial outbreak in early 2020.

He has “He called on the Chinese authorities to protect the best interests of the children by avoiding the concerns of the French community, especially the maintenance of air links with France, the approval of travel to the airport and whatever the circumstances. From their parents“Many French people are confined to several provinces, especially in Shanghai, since April and where there are about 7,000 French people, and in Beijing, where travel is limited and many public places are closed, the whole population is subject to restrictions,” the presidency said.

China’s zero-sum policy ‘not sustainable’

The zero-sum policy supports China’s highest-level efforts to fight the epidemic. “Is not sustainableThe head of the World Health Organization confirmed on Tuesday that he had discussed the issue with Chinese experts.

When we talk about a zero-sum strategy, we don’t think it’s sustainable, considering the behavior of the virus at the moment and what we expect in the future (…) is to move to a different strategy.Tedros Adhanam made the announcement during a press briefing at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

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