Capgemini selected by Airbus to implement a major cloud transformation program to promote innovation and sustainable development

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Selected by Capgemini Aircraft For Keep Implement a cloud conversion program Far-reaching Biased‘Innovation
And IAnd Sustainable development

Capgemini will take a holistic approach “Durability Design1“To allow From Cloud service Airbus Achieving carbon neutrality by 2024.

PArisThe 10 MineI 2022 – Capgemini Was selected by Aircraft Implementation Worldwide A conversion program Clouds-First “ For his activitys Commercial aircraft And Helicopters. As its strategic partner‘AircraftCapgemini Will manage Of The latest limit The Cloud infrastructure services Of This lineActivity

In order to provide the necessary agility for the future needs of Airbus Commercial aircraft And HelicoptersCapgemini will lead the transformation and modernization of existing services on an integrated basis, both at the private and public cloud level and at the existing infrastructure level.

Capgemini will enable application modernization by evolving the cloud environment into a multi-hybrid solution and launch a “pay as you go” model that will enable business continuity and agility for Airbus.

The Hybrid Cloud Transformation program will help accelerate the installation of new functionality within the Airbus IT system and strengthen innovation in Airbus manufacturing and supply chain services.

In addition, Capgemini’s Platform Enablement Team Solution will help Airbus’ IT division accelerate and scale its innovative roadmap. A joint innovation fund will be created with Airbus to fund and test emerging technologies – e.g. Machine Learning And artificial intelligence – for Airbus activities, thus fulfilling the group’s purpose of being at the forefront of technological trends.

To meet Airbus’ sustainability ambitions, Capgemini will provide a next-generation cloud infrastructure platform and adopt an holistic approach. Durability Design A Aims to reduce the carbon footprint of infrastructure across all service lines. A sustainable cloud strategy will be implemented with an action plan to enable cloud services for the Airbus business line Commercial aircraft And Helicopter Achieving carbon neutrality by 2024.

“Innovation and sustainability are top priorities for leaders Of industry Today. We are fully committed to supporting existing and future programs‘Aircraft For an industry Sustainable and resilient space In its activities. We will implement Skills Of Capgemini In terms of clouds, Transformation and innovation,A The director of the service Niv Bhagat said Clouds and infrastructure Member of Capgemini and Group Executive Committee. This Project offered by Airbus Illustrated Capgemini’s position as a partner Strategies of leading players in their sector With them Program Processing. A

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Capgemini is a global, responsible and multicultural leader, bringing together 340,000 people in more than 50 countries. A strategic partner of companies to transform their operations by leveraging all the power of technology, the group is driven by its objective on a day-to-day basis: to unleash human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future. With over 55 years of experience and extensive expertise in various business fields, Capgemini is recognized by its clients for meeting all their needs, from design and operation to managing innovations in the growing fields of cloud, data, artificial intelligence. , Connectivity, software, digital engineering and platforms. The group has achieved a turnover of 18 billion euros in 2021.
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1 Sustainable design: Integrating sustainability principles at all stages of design.

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