CentraleSupélec and IRT SystemX Launch CircularIT Alliance for Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence Services for Round Economy

CentraleSupélec and IRT SystemX Launch CircularIT Alliance for Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence Services for Round Economy

Centralsuplek, a founding member of the University of Paris-Sacle and IRT SystemsX, has announced the creation of the Circular IT Alliance to harness the power of digital technology in environmental and sustainable development services. For an initial period of 5 years, the Alliance aims to create and deploy decision support tools that promote sustainability and provide high added value for the region’s civic, public and private players and industry entities. It aims to bring industry companies and local authorities together to pool upstream, industrial and experimental research efforts. It also facilitates the creation of a hub for educational projects.

The Circular IT Alliance thus seeks to keep the environment at the center of regional and industrial strategic decision making, developing new innovative circular business models and related engineering models that ensure sustainability.

The main scientific objective is to develop an approach that extends from the analysis of the core activities of an industrial company to the digital implementation of a platform to improve steering and circulation and stability from an area involving material and energy flow. This approach will be based on:

A rich and reliable circular data model;

- A model of circular and environmental, economic and social impact indicators;

- A dashboard and system to study activities;

- Adaptive graphic presentations and tools to define objectives, analyze causes, research actions, mimic solutions, analyze historical data and, ultimately, optimize and learn as much as possible, to guide industry and regional decision makers.

The goal is to create a digital twin reference framework for the circular economy and the sustainability and industrial value chain of regions and companies, based on the principles of open data and open source, to encourage replication and allow integration. System system Indicators and dashboards on a system.

The strategy of the Circular IT Alliance is based on two polar structures:

- An upstream research and training center run by CentraleSupélec for the development of general regional and industrial platforms for CE and sustainability management and for field research-action operations through thesis work, post-doctoral and engineering internships.

- An industry research center run by IRT SystemX that will lead to R&D projects run by SystemX in collaboration with individual and academic players. The purpose of these projects is to adapt partners to the Institute’s methodological approach to specific uses, to integrate skills and to support them with the provision of specific adaptive platforms.

Complementary skills of an academic player and a technical research institute

CentraleSupélec and IRT SystemX have decided to form an alliance to join the force and bring their complementary skills:

- CentraleSupélec, through its Industrial Engineering Laboratory, has recognized expertise in the field of circular economics, in process control (the study of material flows and their re-flows, eco-design, life cycle analysis), as well as in industrial ecology. Development of economic models for circulation, social and environmental responsibility, and green financing. “CentraleSupélec uses its knowledge of industrial activities and flow and circular economics to achieve a digital twin reference framework to be able to pilot the stability of circular economies and regions and industrial companies and value chains,” said Bernard Yanou, Professor Complex Systems and Professor Complex Systems. Deputy Director of Research at Sacley University.

- SystemX brings its scientific and technological expertise in data science, user and knowledge interaction, optimization and digital infrastructure to develop innovative solutions. SystemX also brings its expertise in managing case-based R&D projects. An expert at the Institute for Technical Research in modeling, simulation and decision support for complex systems, SystemX deploys all its scientific and technical expertise to support climate change in the region and the industry. And underlined the reference for the ecological transition theme.

The Paris-Sacle Agglomeration Community (CPS), which, in its regional project, defines the promotion of the circular economy as one of its main strategic aspects, has already announced that it is joining Alliance Circular IT. ADEME, CSTB and INEC will sit on the Alliance Orientation and Evaluation Committee.

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