Coignières – A 31-year-old woman was found dead at the Adef social residence

A 27-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday May 3 on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend. He was arrested and released 13 days ago on domestic violence charges. “The body of the young woman, Lisa, age 30, was discovered at her home in Coignières on Tuesday, May 3,” an article from Ouest-France cites.

On the day of the incident, tenants in Rue de Montfort called police around 2 p.m. “Police enter the apartment where a man is, and find Lizar’s lifeless body there,” continued an article by Le Parisien.

A messy apartment, like a fight

A source close to the case said, “There were signs of suffocation, head and face injuries on the body.” The possible killings took place in a 300-apartment mixed-housing area where the public prosecutor has already been charged with harassing women.

There was chaos in the apartment where the young woman’s body was recovered, as if an argument had broken out between the couple. “The bath curtain has been torn and officials have noticed numerous signs of blood. The wife was quickly interrogated, but she made incoherent and misleading remarks, “said Le Parisien.

A forensic doctor is called for the first examination of the body, which will then be taken to the Forensic Institute of Garcনেরa in House-de-Seine, where an autopsy will be performed. “Forensic science technicians also went to the scene to find clues to the crime scene,” our colleagues’ article said.

The 27-year-old will be taken into custody at the city security compound in Trapez. He performed an experiment which indicated that no behavioral disorder would destroy his intelligence. An investigation is currently underway, underlining a source close to the file. “There are still many points to be clarified. A

The Versailles prosecutor’s office said “there is still no confirmation of his wife’s involvement in this woman’s death.” The results of the autopsy on Thursday 5 May have not yet been released.

The couple’s relatives and neighbors were surveyed to find out more about their relationship. “However, everyone believes that it is a homicide. The accused criminal is not unknown to the police. He was arrested on April 20, 13 days ago, on the grounds of domestic violence, the article specified.

The victim did not want to file a complaint, and the author was released. For Coignières, the smallest town in the group, this is the first such story. Mayor Didier Fischer (DVG) lamented “it’s scary, it’s terrifying.”

Adef Social Housing, formerly a home for young workers, welcomes people in uncertain circumstances who have difficulty finding housing. “It does not explain the murder, but there is a real context of harassment of women in this residence,” said City Councilor Storm, who has been “seized by repeated information on several occasions in the past”.
The feeling of insecurity also reigns in the part of the building reserved for women, as male tenants do not hesitate to knock on doors and create an atmosphere of fear. “These recurring incidents require discussion between the municipality and the management committee,” Le Parisien continued.

However, the decision to mediate was reached after two discussions between the mayor, site manager and Adef’s regional manager. “They took strong action on behalf of the residents, but in the end, there were a few discussion groups,” annoyed the mayor, who “would like a security guard to come every evening if problems arose.” “But they didn’t. A

The town hall decided to alert the authorities about the harassment by reporting it to the public prosecutor. Another problem is added: “Many rooms have accommodations for people who are not allowed to stay. Many live in three or four studios for one person, ”lamented the city councilor.

Le Parisien concludes his story by recalling that “according to the calculations made by the partner or ex-feminicide group, Liza will [si c’est avéré, NDLR]This is the 38th victim of homicide in France since the beginning of the year. “

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