LVMH will share its use of artificial intelligence with the Albert School Business School

Following Carrefour, the world leader of the luxurious LVMH announced that it would share data usage cases with students of the new Albert School Business School, which opened in Paris in September 2022. Data feeds multiple processes across LVMH and its various brands. It’s now a question of moving up a gear and extending the use case. To do this, LVMH has entered into a partnership with Albert School of New Data and Business to train ad hoc managers.

LVMH still does not use enough data

LVMH’s CIO (Chief Information Officer) Frank Le Moyal is preparing to contribute to the initiative. ” Data is at the heart of all our brand processes, from product development to production, supply chain, logistics, omni-channels and relationships with our customers. Comment Frank Le Mole.

We still do not use enough data, it remains a subject that is exploited

The LVMH Group has been accelerating on all data matters for 3 years. But on the face of it, there are not enough qualified managers in these areas yet. Data and its use in artificial intelligence still seem to be under-exploited. It is a question of expanding and accelerating its exploitation. ” We still do not use enough data, it remains a subject that is exploited Announcing the partnership between LVMH and Albert School, LVMH’s Group Chief Omnichannel Officer Michael David gave a gift for his part.

Training seems to be important in contributing to artificial intelligence. ” At LVMH, the subject of data is ubiquitous because we all use data every day. However, what can be done with it and in terms of artificial intelligence it is quite poorly understood. He further said. It’s about training people and expanding data usage. ” We really need to do a lot of educational work with our internal teams, as well as external ones, to finally be able to place these initiatives across the group’s value chain. He analyzes. ” Today, we are still very focused on e-commerce, CRM, clientling, media, but there is a huge field of potential in supply chain, logistics, product development. “What does he think?

Michael David and Frank Le Moyal, LVMH

Increasingly used data to identify high-potential customers

At this stage, LVMH data is increasingly used in business matters such as customer relations and the ability to help the group’s 75 houses identify high-potential customers very quickly. ” It identifies customers with a strong appetite for a product segment at a specific time on a particular channel. So it is extremely powerful for our client initiatives, in-store customer relationship management, individually but also for our CRM campaigns, our e-commerce activities, etc.. “Explain to the manager. The purpose is to create measurable value on a daily basis in the group’s home business.

It is essential to recruit and train the new managers of tomorrow in a responsible and shared data and business perspective. “

It requires the right executive, with one foot of data and one foot of business. ” Hiring and training new managers of tomorrow is essential in a responsible and shared data and business perspective. CIO Frank Le Mole continues. ” In the coming months, our ‘AI and Data’ teams at the group and house level will be interacting with Albert School students through case studies and operational contributions. He announces. In particular, Bruno Guilbot, Louis Vuitton’s head of data services, one of the LVMH houses, will share with students the data for the artificial intelligence business, in terms of usage, as well as the challenges of analysis methods and algorithms.

At LVMH, the Omni-Channel team is responsible for guiding the group’s homes in their journey into the world of e-commerce. This e-commerce will no longer be considered in isolation but needs to be understood more globally with physical retail, customer service, CRM, clientling etc. This omni-channel profession is located between business and technology professions. He works in collaboration with the teams in charge of technology and information systems. He also works with other services and houses of the group, such as physical retail, HR, finance, taxation, etc.

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