Strasbourg students are deprived of university restaurants over the weekend

From May 1, no university restaurant will be able to accommodate Strasbourg students on weekends. The result is a combination of reduced cruise services at the end of the school year and FEC closures on Saturdays and Sundays.

Julie, a resume student, would go to the Regional Center for University and School Works (Cross) twice a day and sometimes take advantage of their packed lunch. Benefiting from a one-euro scholarship per meal applicable rate, he relied heavily on this assistance to be able to eat a balanced diet. But in consultation with the University Restaurant (RU) opening calendar, he discovers that he will no longer be able to dine there on the weekend from the last service date of the RU at Esplanade on Saturday 30 April.

A news that worries the young woman a lot. Julie has already given up her primary food shopping and knows that in this situation, she will have to skip meals at the end of the month:

“Students rarely go to the UK every day to have fun. Sometimes I want to eat something else, but I can’t afford it. With this weekend off, I have to manage and I already know I’m going to be in deep shit at the end of the month because I can’t leave more than 100 euros to feed myself and yet, I don’t necessarily have them. A

If he understands the financial turmoil and the lack of staff, especially the FEC (Catholic Student Residence) to explain its termination on Sunday, he says to find an alternative: “A packed lunch system for the whole weekend, for example, would be welcomed so that we We can feed ourselves politely.

“Our typical kitchen is in a catastrophic health condition. Those who use it do not clean themselves, the bins on the table are overflowing because everyone throws something in them, the sinks are stuck all the time, causing a horrible smell. On weekends, it’s even more complicated, because cleaning women don’t come, where they come once a day on weekdays. A

In shared kitchens, hygiene is often an issue. Elisa often finds trash in stuck sinks and worktops. (Document submitted)

Elisa does not blame Cruz, but blames other student tenants for the practice. Because of this almost unusable kitchen, he has to return to cheap food when the UK closes, “despite it being bad in the long run,” he regrets.

A drop in normal offer and a relevant completion

This situation stems from two factors: a decline in the normal cross-catering offer, with the end of the school year (with the planned closure of the RU de L’Esplanade) and the closure of the FEC on weekends.

The latter is not part of the Cruise Institution, but as an authorized restaurant, offers food sponsored by it at the same price for students. Since March, a display informs students that the UK is closed on Sundays from 1 p.m.Of April, indicating that “Cross did not respond to our request for exceptional assistance in the face of rising food prices, rising costs (pasta, oil, gas, etc.).”

The FEC notified students of this schedule change through a display on their website and at the restaurant. It is open from Monday to Friday (screenshot from FEC website)

For more details, contact the director of the Catholic Student Foyer, Etienne Traistler, who noted the growing demand associated with the establishment of one-euro meals for certain students:

“This device is really good, because it meets a real need among unsuspecting students. Its success proves it to us. Can’t get into this situation.

Contrary to what was stated in the concluding message, Étienne Troestler delegates this responsibility to the Cnous (National Center for University and School Works) which creates the budget for the regional centers (Crous). It later distributed envelopes to various structures in the region.

Who is infected with one-euro food

The one-euro meal arrangement, founded by Krause, was launched in September 2020 for scholarship students. Following the epidemic, this rate was applicable to all students between January and August 2021. As of August 31, 2021, this rate only applies to scholarship students and non-scholarship students in an uncertain situation. , Mentioned by Cross Social Services. Other students must pay খাবার 3.30 for their meals. For this rate, students are entitled to a hot meal as well as a starter and a dessert.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals

Cruz de Strasburg also noted this significant increase in beneficiaries. The number of meals served has almost doubled between 2019 (reference year before Covid) and 2021, from 1,072,674 to 1,283,619. Cross restaurants as well as authorized restaurants (FEC, Ort and Stift).

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Sophie Russell, director of the Strasbourg Cross in office since March, has been working to strengthen communication between the various RUs so that the closing period is at least stalled. However, he explained that resuming service over the weekend is not necessarily a top priority request:

“The Esplanade serves an average of 350 meals on Saturdays. A figure that must be compared with the 68,000 students enrolled in Strasbourg. Also, weekend closures last only 48 hours when there is a multi-week holiday during which demand decreases, but is still present. We are already working to be more efficient in this period. Closing the FEC over the weekend is an additional data that we must take into account, we did not participate in this decision. A

The Cruise director further recalled that the subsidy received by the FEC did not change during the Covid period, when the recovery was lazy. For him, there should be a balance between this extra payment of the house and the current situation. “I invite students in an uncertain situation that when they arrive they can bring extra meals and ask for one-time assistance, even if they are not scholarship recipients,” he concluded.

The Resto U schedule for next year should be drawn up in June. Presence, material and human resources as well as location of installations are effective There is a possibility of reopening on Saturday, but Sunday is heavily questioned

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