The IN group and CEA have launched a research partnership on the future of digital identity

In view of the increasing digitization of the economy (e-commerce, digital platforms, cloud computing, etc.) to ensure the security of citizens’ data security and the integrity of organizations, IN Groupe and CEA officially launched on March 28, a research partner on technology related to the future of digital identity. The IN Groupe will thus rely on the results of CEA’s research to present innovations in its field of activity, namely digital identity and border control.

In groups

Created by François I in 1538, Imprimerie Nationale became a group in 2018. For nearly 500 years, the French state has hosted 1,800 employees, 5 sites in France, 8 sales offices abroad, 28 partner governments and its solutions in more than 100 countries.

IN Groupe integrates electronics, optics and biometrics at the cutting edge of technology, providing identity solutions and secure digital services. Its goal is to help states exercise their sovereignty, protect their citizens’ identities, and protect the integrity of their businesses. Its three approved brands, SPS for electronic components, Surys for optical and holographic protection, and Nexus and IoT solutions for corporate digital identity, each provide their market-leading technology.



IN Groupe-CEA Research Partnership

The three main areas of joint research are related to:

  • Decentralized identity and interdependent blockchain in light of the ongoing European reflection on digital identity;
  • Image Fraud Detection for Border Crossing Identification (Dipfeck, Antispoofing);
  • RAE (Risk Analysis Management) for risk analysis at border crossings.

Digital identity, the essential foundation of the economy, and digital exchange must be based on trusted, sovereign and flexible solutions. The possibilities offered by the latest technology, such as blockchain or analysis engine, have not yet been fully exploited, but they have already contributed to the improvement of many data processing operations.

The technologies developed around digital identity must ensure the security and confidence of nations and governments. They are now associated with widespread use and take advantage of the various features of growing citizenship. As a nationwide historical partner in document design and secure identity solutions, IN Groupe takes current technology further to offer the maximum balance between security and use. CEA’s decision-making role at the heart of the ecosystem and its expertise in digital identity operations will be a pillar of this partnership.
Didier Trout, CEO of IN Group, said:

“Expecting and preparing for groundbreaking technology in identity means, today and tomorrow, ensuring the protection of the identity of the French people. This requirement is central to the mission that the IN Groupe State performs every day. I am pleased that this partnership, which benefits CEA excellence, May contribute to the future Identity in Europe. A

Stephen Siebert, CEA’s director of technical research, added:

“Because digital transformation offers As new opportunities increase dematerialized exchange, it is becoming essential to build trust in (re) identification. Now, as well as historical experts in the field, we are happy to contribute to tomorrow’s innovative solutions to ensure privacy protection, prevent identity theft or ensure compliance. Including recent anti-fraud standards. A

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