The ordeal of mothers who want to protect their child

Child victims of incest whom we do not trust and who are sent to spend weekends with aggressive parents, mothers who are accused of manipulation and who are questioned: Child protection is often divided into tests for mothers.

The Independent Commission on Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse (Ciivise), accused of making government policy recommendations for better protection of children, will hold public meetings for victims of abuse in Nancy on May 11 and in Paris on May 16. Two new stages of the tour of France where the testimonies of the mother come back like Litani.

“My daughter refuses to spend time with her father, whom she accuses from the age of four of touching her genitals,” Adele (first name changed) testified. “My daughter has been accused by her ex-husband, her lawyer and the association of fathers who support her of manipulating her father. And the procedure. I live in fear of losing custody and being kept,” she told AFP.

La Ciivise condemns this “parental separation syndrome” (PAS), which is not officially recognized and protected by the highly controversial and influential American psychiatrist Richard Gardner. The European Parliament, in a resolution of October 2021, called on EU states to “not recognize their judicial practice and law (SAP)”.

A petition launched by the feminist association #NousToutes to ban it in France has garnered 27,000 signatures, including from many psychiatrists and NGOs. Five associations, including CDP-Enfance, Reppea and Peau d’ame, wrote an open letter to the future president in April along the same lines.

– Protect the investigation –

“Every year 160,000 children are victims of sexual violence, they must be found and protected. They often talk to their mothers about it,” observes Edward Durand, CVIS vice-president. “If you go to the police station that your cell phone has been stolen, you are believed; if you express sexual violence, the risk of being charged with fabrication is much higher. But the risk of false declaration is much higher. The juvenile judge observed.

“My son, when he complained to the juvenile brigade, described the intrusion, urinating in the buttocks + that his grandfather, a childhood helper, had subdued him. When he returned from his father’s house, where he had been raped. Grandpa, he was pale, lost the joy of his survival. Doctors found wounds (…), cracks in the anus, reported. However, my complaint was dismissed “, explained AFP to Marie (first name changed) who practices a health profession. .

“My ex-husband has accused me of being a tool for our child and parental separation syndrome. We, my child and I, have been the victims of a social investigation for four years. And my son’s hearing and hearing, where he was constantly relieving his trauma. It costs a lot of money to pay the lawyers, ”he added.

Since February, Ciivise has recommended that magistrates no longer have to prosecute “protective parents” who refuse to hand over their child to a guardian suspected of sexual violence while the judge verifies the allegations. Ciivise wants to go further: In criminal cases for sexual violence, the exercise of parental authority and the right to view will be suspended by law.

“It’s not against the notion of innocence, it’s more than the temporary detention of a suspect during a criminal investigation. But it does protect the child,” Justice Durand notes.

“We maintain a system where the child spends his holidays aggressively. It is difficult to condemn his father and live with him. This is one of the reasons for the high number of classifications without follow-up, the order of 70.%. Protect the investigation by protecting the child from the pressure of suspected adults, “explained lawyer Pascal Cusig, president of the Safety Association Childhood CDP-Enforce.

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