7 animals that hold true destiny

Nowadays, animals are more present in our social networks than humans. Clever, comforting, these internet stars are truly influential. Behind the label petinfluencers Hides a juicy business, where the profile of the hair balls and their net worth sometimes feel like a cold shower. According to a survey conducted by the Veterinary Expert website, All About Cats, there are seven of the richest animals in the world, based on the average number of likes and earnings per post.

1. Gunther VI

Estimated net worth: $ 500 million

Gunther VI, the dog whose value was 500 500 million … According to legend, he inherited from his concubine then invested in a real estate company in his name. But let’s assure everyone, this is actually a specially crafted media stunt, since the episode was able to fool even the famous Associated Press.

In fact, there is no sign of a wealthy Countess, or evidence that Gunther VI could play a role in the fate associated with his name, except for a mascot for Italian entrepreneur Maurizio Mian and his real estate empire. Helps to promote.

In particular, the dog was credited for sale in 2021, for a tidy sum of $ 32 million, a property previously owned by Madonna. An announcement that would eventually turn out to be a hoax, for decades …

2. drain_cats

Estimated net worth: 100 million

Nala’s @Nala_Cat account holds the Guinness World Record for the most followed cats on Instagram for her 4.3 million followers. A notoriety that goes hand in hand with the value of the animal, whose income today exceeds 100 100 million. Pet Food goes so far as to promote its own brand of CBD for mouths, cats and dogs!

Shannon Ellis, owner and co-founder of Nala, poses with her pet at the Nala’s PlayStation Theater in New York City on May 5 at the 11th annual Shorty Awards.Astrid Stawiarz / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP

This success, he owes in part to an impressive storytelling. In the case of Nala, her success story, after being abandoned in a shelter and separated from her siblings, has touched Internet users … for example, her mistress regularly shares messages about shelter and adoption, hoping to educate her community and promote respect. For animals

3. Olivia Benson

Estimated net worth: $ 97 million

Celebrity pets also bathe in the guise of personalities who act as their lords. Taylor Swift’s cat, a true reference to pop music and love for cats since she has three, is an example, and no less. Olivia Benson is named in reference to the protagonist of the police series “New York Special Unit”, she also knows the spotlight. The promotional tool is in its own right, whether it’s to advertise the shoe brand Keds in 2014, to celebrate the release of the album “1989”, or more recently the freak clip “ME!”, With over 380 million views on YouTube in 2019. Like Coca-Cola Agreements with big brands allow rich cats to establish a certain wealth.

4. Sadie, Sunny and Lauren

Estimated value of their inheritance: 30 million

A great lover of dogs, American TV star Oprah Winfrey had about twenty dogs in her life. Adopted for a few at a Chicago shelter, the animals with the business woman will benefit up to অংশ 30 million from a portion of her capital. The sum of an astronomy for which they do not even have to show in front of the camera.

5. Gifpum

Estimated net worth: 25 million

Pomeranian gypsies are more stuffed animals than pets. With her 9.8 million subscribers and 27 million followers across all platforms, she is one of the most influential celebrities in the animal kingdom earning about $ 32,906 per post. Here, there is no question of skill or advice, but of retreating as much as possible. The dog is manipulated and clothed like a doll and taking anything other than the dog’s position in front of the camera, can walk on its two hind legs like a human.

Surfing the platform frenzy for cute pets which is the most promising, Giffum has risen to the rank of pop figure since she significantly participated in or created the cover of singer Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” clip in 2013 on the cover of covergirl magazine.

6. Choupet

Estimated total value: 13 million

Cats are man’s best friend, it’s well known, and more so in the 21st century. To see the relationship between Choupette, Birman cat Carl Lagerfeld proposed in 2011, and its deceased owner, it is only true. Her Instagram account brings together over 100,000 subscribers and is an open window into her life. Muse of another genre, he said, in 2014, a make-up line created by Shu Weimura and a biography that reveals the lifestyle of the most “liked” animal in the world of knitting.

Designer Carl Lagerfeld poses next to a photo of his cat during the opening of the show 'Corsa Carl and Choupet' in Palazzo Italia, Berlin, on February 3, 2015.

Designer Carl Lagerfeld poses next to a photo of his cat during the opening of the show ‘Corsa Carl and Choupet’ in Palazzo Italia, Berlin, on February 3, 2015.AFP Photo / DPA / Janes Cullen

Despite all his love for her, the great couturier, who died in 2019, could not make Choupet his sole heir, a practice banned in France. The designer was still able to make a 13 million will for his pet, which is now managed by his governess, Franোois Kakot, with whom Choupet lives. If his lifestyle is less arrogant than before, Choupet today is a “mouthpiece” for animal awareness campaigns, sharing good animal practices, and appealing for donations.

7. Doug the Pug

Estimated net worth: 1.5 million

Pop culture icon, Doug the Pug is a true internet star who knew how to be a reference, not for his aesthetic aspect but for his virality as a “meme”. With its tongue sticking out and lip-smacking, with 3.8 million Instagram followers, Doug has become the most-followed pug on social media and now sells similar products for humans, not for other animals, but for pets. In addition to creating a charitable foundation called Doug to care for sick children, animal activities have become diverse and especially Hollywood.

Doug the Pug is notably the first dog to dub an animated pet for Netflix in the Mike Ryander feature film “The Mitchell Again the Machines”, which won an Oscar for Best Animated Film this year. An influential dog, it is now in the moral. For a dubbing dog, it can give birth to a profession …

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