Amandine Pelisard (large family) worried, her 2 sons to a neuropediatrician

Since appearing on TF1’s “Big Family: Life in XXL” program, Amandine Pelisard has become very popular on social networks. And with her customers, the mother of the family confides without filters! Her joys, her surprises and her worries, she shares all the powerful moments of her daily life with her supportive internet users. Recently, Amandine Pellisard took a live Instagram shoot during which she expressed her concerns about her son: Charles. Not saying anything more about what this brave mother hurts, Objeko tells you more.

Amandine Pelisard, the show’s iconic mother

After participating in several seasons of “Big Family: Life in XXL”, the Pelicard family has become iconic! All visitors are under the spell of this happy tribe who have agreed to welcome the camera into their daily lives. Through this show, Amandine wants to prove to all those who doubt that it is possible to live normally with more than four children. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And when we look at the countless moments of happiness shared by this family, we only realize that the young woman was right.

Today that housewife is a real star! When he didn’t appear on screen, he spoke live on his Instagram story. In fact, Amandine Pelisard is very active on social networks. He spoke to his fans with complete clarity. In a video recording of her, she expressed her concern for one of her children.

The mother of a tribal chief of eight children

Amandine Pelisard, a candidate for the “Big Family” program since 2020, is a mother of eight. Originally from French-com, he was raised by his mother. In fact, his parents divorced when he was a child. He continued to see his father until he was 12 years old. Subsequently, a court decision suspended the right of subsequent inspection.

Amandine is already the mother of a young boy when she meets Alexander. The lovers decide to settle in Besancon to start a family. After marriage, the young woman gave birth to 6 children. Octav, the youngest, was born in 2020 during the filming of the first season of “Big Family.” In 2021, the one who ended her professional activities to be able to take full-time care of her children made an announcement on Instagram of her ninth pregnancy. Sadly, she revealed that she had an abortion less than a month after posting a picture of her baby bump.

The Pallisard couple are worried about their son Charles

Amandine’s husband was Alexander Pelisard, who explained to customers that their son Charles’s language had been delayed. The mother of the family added that this also seems to be the case with Hector. About him, he added: It’s more about motor skills. In fact, I’m less worried about Hector than Charles, then we’ll see what the neuropediatrist says.. “I know their daughter Lena was also affected by this small delay. But today, it is “a chatterbox” according to his parents. However, Alexandre and Amandine Pelicard are worried about Charles.

Live goes on and Pelicard parents talk about their sons who have a lot of differences. ” Hector, she wasn’t born prematurely … she didn’t have the same complications when I was pregnant as Charles, so it really had nothing to do with it. Hector, according to the nurse, has a slight motor impairment. So it’s true that Hector, he’s tough. It may be related. This is why we have invested in motricity articles, we think it can help them. We force them to do this every day. “Amandine explains before adding” Charles, it’s really at the level of language. Charles, he has things … we’ll see what the pediatric neurologist says. From my feelings as a mother, I am Charles, I see that she has a disorder under the autism spectrum. A

Amandine Pellisard therefore considers the fact that her son may be autistic. But he relies on the neuropsychiatrist’s diagnosis because only he can decide on the delay of this famous language. The Objeko team is alerted to give you news of the Pellissard family soon!

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