Evidence: They go through their child’s Oedipus complex

In the early 1900’s, the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud theorized Oedipus complex, when a young girl expresses romantic and / or sexual feelings towards her fatherClosely his student and then the enemy, Carl Gustav Jung, who formulated The Electra complexOr when a little boy is loving and / or sexual towards his mother. Although these theories are widely questioned today, these stages are observed in children aged 3 or 4 years. How to respond? How long will it last? Testimonials from parents.

Jessica: Pregnant and mother of Jules, 11, Elsa, 9 and Roman, 3:30.

“I told her we can’t get married.”

My son is in the whole Oedipus complex! Roman is three and a half years old. Every day, she looks at me transformed into love, takes my face in hers and declares me burning. I love her life! She’s planning a Machiavellian wedding to me. For example, last week, I was at a restaurant with his older brother and him. He looked at the waitress for a moment, who was very pretty, and she said to me: ” Oh look, she’s beautiful. Dad can marry her. You will be sorry. But this way we can both get married! A

Several times, he told me very seriously: I talked to Dad, he agreed that we would get married together, you and I. In the evening, when my husband comes home, Roman frowns: Why is he coming back? “WhenIn fact, she cherishes her fatherShe’s very attached to him!

My two elders were different

I have never felt the same way with my two adults, a girl and a boy. They had stages that were a little “stuck” to me, my daughter more than my older son, but not more than that. I myself, as a child, do not remember “building an Oedipus complex” with my father. Or with mom! I remember I was perfectly Desperate that we will ever be apart. I asked her to marry me so that we could live together forever.

When my son tells me he wants me to be his wife, and he wants a kiss on the face, I look so beautiful. Sometimes I respond a little to her kiss Hit hardEverything He explained that we can’t get married. I tell her I’m already her father’s wife. Or mothers who cannot marry their children, as in the song Donkey skin. But I can see that I am breaking her heart by telling her this. It’s hard!

Roman is still a big kid!

When we all live together as a family and Roman gives me an emotional statement or I kiss him, my husband enters. It annoys him, he says to himself It is important to say no. But deep down, we both know it won’t last. Anyway, I don’t really care.

I am waiting for my fourth child. I am in the last month of my pregnancy. We still don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl. I know this is a cause for concern among children. I just see my son growing up well: he’s going to school, he’s made a lot of friends. This is a phaseNot all babies go through this, but for me, it’s still a big baby!

Marina: Juliana’s mother, 14, Tina, 10, Ethan, 8, and Lian, 1.

“With Ethan, we got together immediately. A

We still Just in the Oedipus complex, when my son was 8 years old ! There he came back with flowers from the garden and told me ” Will you marry me “From now on I answer with a smile and he realizes it’s not possible. But it doesn’t always happen! The Oedipus complex started at about two and a half years old and it was really very strong. The child – and the first son – declared love to me, and I was entitled I love you mom “, Then very fast” Mother, you are my wife

He offered me a ring that he would look for in my jewelry to prove his love for me. He drew hearts with everything: his mash, jam গিয়ে to go so far as to cut heart-shaped pancakes that he offered me! I thought it was so beautiful when she was younger. It was true that I felt this boundless love for her was reciprocal, so I didn’t see the harm. I told her I loved her too, but I was already married to her father. He answered me ” Okay mom, I can share

He tells his father that I am his wife

Ethan always told his sister and his father that I was his wife. It made my husband laugh, saying: I’ve already shared you with Mom since you were born, so we can move on! “And it is true We’ve been very close since its birth. Is it because I lost my first child, 6 months pregnant? When I found out I was expecting a son after my two daughters, I made an ultrasound. I put her next to my bed and talked to her every day.

When he is born, we immediately merge. I breastfed her for 3 and a half years and we were “co-bed” until she was 18 months old. She was not sleeping on the mattress, she was sleeping on me. I was her mattress! Ethan was touching my stomach, breasts, he was Constant physical contact is needed to reassure yourself. My husband found it very nice, he understood very well. Ethan liked to sleep on the sofa in the living room while we were in bed. Luckily, Ethan slept alone, I could later join my husband in an evening of lovers.

Last year I had a daughter, fuff!

When I went out, Ethan would get angry if he didn’t come with me. People around me thought he was stuck, but he wasn’t Not good for its development. I didn’t really know. I grew up in a family of six with two brothers who still cling to my mother: one lives in her house, the other often eats there, even though they have a family! I understand that this combination of love does not always benefit them. So I explained to Ethan that he was going to sleep in his own bed from now on. I also told her that Dad’s place was in her bed, with Mom. He understood immediately and lived it well.

When he started school, he was a little sleepy and still looking for my presence at night. So I would take her back to her bed and she would go back to sleep. Last year I had a little girl. I was relieved not to have a son. It’s so hard with my son! Ethan starts thinking about having a girlfriend one day.. But she also explains that she will be by our side, so that I can take care of her children (I am a child) and cook for them! Like, it’s not quite the end!

Angelique: Brian’s mother, 5, and Kisie, 3.

“When we hug, our children separate us. A

I have two children, a daughter and a son. And Everyone does their Oedipus with their father or with me ! My 3 year old daughter is her father’s little princess. She just sits next to him at the table. She lets him eat something, otherwise he doesn’t want to swallow anything, like a small child! She says her father is her boyfriend. Since she occasionally suffers from migraine, she makes little medicine for him at her tea party, wants to cure him, or she puts her little hand on his forehead … that’s beautiful!

It doesn’t bother me, though I know it won’t be hard!

My son does the same with me. She spends her time following me: in the kitchen, she makes me coffee, she makes meals or helps me make meals. Every 5 minutes she tells me she loves me and I love herI have to answer Me too “, Otherwise he gets angry ! One day he said: You are not my father’s wife, you are my wife! A

We are both very fusion. When I was in the maternity ward to give birth to her younger sister, I felt very bad for being away from her. This is the first time we are so long: 5 days off! I was sick of it! Seeing our kids totally glued to us and in love, it makes us fun with my companion. We take it as a joke and walk towards the kids. It doesn’t bother me, though I know it won’t last.

After all, maybe I don’t care because it was the same with my dad when I was younger. I was my father’s little princess. My dad was going to sea for a fortnight on the English Channel. This time I slept with my mother. Mom gets out of bed when she comes back because I want to sleep with her! Later they got divorced and my father got my custody. I mingled more with him. Before meeting my child’s father, I went out with my father on Friday. We have made ourselves restaurants or movies. People sometimes took us as husband and wife. It makes us smile.

We ended up investing in a 2 meter bed

At night, for a long time, our son slept with us. We had a small bed, to sleep well, my partner went to the sofa. Then we finished investing in a large bed of 2 meters. Often my daughter sleeps with us. She hugs her father. In a day, When we hug their dad, our kids intervene to separate us ! My daughter takes my partner and my son picks me up. They can’t stand!

However, they both have a little boyfriend at school, but Mom and Dad are something else. A little like me with my dad! It’s something special! Sometimes, I want to reduce this strong attachment, just to breathe a little and be able to do something with my partner, to get something back in our lives as a couple.

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