Learning in the tree at the future Forest School (Saône-et-Loire) in Roussillon-en-Morvan

Another school. Where the same basics will be integrated, where we will learn to read, write and count, but where the classroom will be clearing. The heart of the forest. Trees, meadows. Roussillon-en-Morvan (Saône-et-Loire), which is no more, as the municipal school has closed its doors due to lack of admission of children there. Inspired by his daughter’s appetite for nature and her need to stay out all the time, Moïse Courilleau, an actor and admirer of educational initiatives born elsewhere, took a keen interest in the extraordinary environment in which she lived.

Another relationship with nature for children

“Morvan is a suitable place, a forest that lends itself well to a forest school,” he explains, adding that this taste of teaching from the outside is associated with a climate emergency that is never understood. “Children need to find another relationship with nature and the forest”, justifies Moïse Courilleau, who launched an application on social networks, perhaps to bring together people interested in building a forest school.

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If Lucenay-l’Évêque (Saône-et-Loire) has an outdoor school that encourages public school teachers to prioritize outdoor teaching, École de la Forêt goes a long way. “Education is really in the jungle all season, even if it’s cold,” smiled Mois Correliu. You can learn to walk, run or around a good fire, which will warm your hands. However, there will be a classroom if necessary. For meals, they will be taken to the house of the association La Puertantine, which organizes discovery classes.

Hiring a director is an essential element for opening

Whatever it is, education cannot be improved naturally. The director who has been appointed, subject to the approval of the School of the Forest to open, will follow a certain course in a school. “She came from a private college and worked in kindergarten. The teacher will be in charge of ten children, including an assistant, ”explained the school initiator.

He will go to submit the application to open the school the next day. “It’s going well. We meet the requirements of national education, which does not have the right to view the educational project as such, but one day study the organization, test the skills of the director and the quality of the building. In five years, we will be able to apply for integration with national education.” The Republican school defender is free and accessible to all, wishing in his heart that, like Freinet or Montessori, “in twenty, thirty years, we will have a choice”. , The rector will move to Russilon-en-Morvan.

The cost of a registration can be a barrier

At the moment, parents are being contacted for possible registration, “for children, some of whom have come from home education. I have contacts with three families who plan to settle permanently in the area because of the presence of this school, ”said Mois Corilio.

It may not be insignificant for the local population and it does not come to compete with the school which no longer exists, “on the contrary, it is a question of completeness”. The only problem is the cost of the school, which costs more than € 3,000 a year. Moïse Courilleau knows very well that very few families will be able to offer this to their children and understands that “it ticks”.

Contact Moses Curillo: During the Fটেte de la Nature, which will be held on May 21, the School of Forest will explain its activities and show its plots in the premises of the Puerto Rican Association, in the castle, Rusilon-en-Morvan.

Christine Ball

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