“Poors” involved in environmental health seeking recognition

The release of the first 1,000-day commission report in September 2020 did not inspire Claire Roy de la Basti, co-founder of Collective JSIP. “We are a profession that reflects this period of the first thousand days or, as we have not highlighted in this report, Professional since 2017, emphasizing on a qualified child care nurse. The joint was born out of the recognition of our skills and especially the desire to increase salaries. We have the same diploma as nurses who have extra year specialties. We want to train ourselves with children, families and child care assistants, but this is not taken into account. It is often difficult to finance this extra year through vocational training, and it is very common to base it on self-financing. Also, we are excluded from the Effective Critical Care Exercise Premium from January. We just want that place because of us. A

How specific knowledge

The goal of JSIP Collective is to recognize this skill. “In our IDE child care staff profession, we can’t just provide technical care, Claire Royer de la Bastie added. To take care of the child, we accompany him in his environment with his parents. We are trained in fatherhood. We work in a variety of areas, such as pediatric intensive care unit, PMI or organization management for young children. Sometimes we get confused with childminders and child care assistants! And today, more and more people are calling themselves professional in parenting … “ Adopting the right attitude, using the right vocabulary, applying theoretically learned professional styles to the field are the skills protected by the aggregate. “Another of our demands concerns the recognition of our Masters training and the creation of a pediatric IPA within two years. He adds This will allow us to gain autonomy through the advice of a pediatrician for the follow-up of a healthy child. These are things we’ve been doing every day for years but without recognition … we need to name a real baby care. A As for Advanced Practice Nurse (IPA) pediatrics, it could end in 2023. However, the issue was posted by Olivier Veran and before the last presidential election, in discussions with the General Directorate of Care (DGOS).

An eco-nurse guide soon

“Our environment has a real impact on the mental, emotional and emotional health of the child and the adults in the making, Collective commemorates the co-founder of JSIP. Very quickly, we have therefore created an environmental health branch. A Addressing the choice of pots during diversity, thanks to a poster in the Department of Neonatology in partnership with the Association Santa Environment France (ASEF) to raise awareness about the use of the telephone, caution in the field of electromagnetic … Multiple methods have been observed. Preparing a child care guide. “We are in the process of writing, Karine Pontroué has been a child care nurse since 2016, an interdisciplinary Environmental Health Diploma holder since 2019 and has been in charge of environmental health at Collective. The purpose is to identify and provide information to parents on this subject, to promote it, and to raise awareness about environmental health in the profession and to question the practices of professionals by child care nurses. A The JSIP Collective (255 members and 4,500 on Facebook) relies heavily on communication and social networks to get across messages and learn about its activities. He has joined the Inter-Associative Collective for Environmental Health (Cise), The Collective for Action in Environmental Health Emergency (Cause) and the Ile-de-France Health Environment Network. On 19 March, along with elected officials, scientists and NGOs, he signed the “L’appel de Grenoble” on behalf of an IPCC for environmental health. Hoping to hear!

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