Stade Renaissance FC Philip Seguin Trophy winner

Created by Philip Seguin, the first president of Fondaction du Football, Fondaction du Football annually awards the best work done by amateur and professional clubs as well as players through these trophies.

Since 2008, 2,128 amateur clubs have applied. 241 actions have already been awarded for endowments over ,000 800,000. Among the identified good practices, some actions are being generalized in the Foundation du Football initiative.

For the 2021/2022 season, in the “Professional Club” category, Stade Rennais FC won the trophy for its action “Move! For an Active Lifestyle”.

The club launched the program on May 5, 2021 with the goal of solving a major problem: the fight against sedentary lifestyles and the promotion of an active lifestyle.

Across the world, we notice a significant increase in sedentary lifestyles and physical inactivity among children and adults alike. These two factors have been the leading cause of preventable mortality since 2012. This is a real public health problem, the dramatic consequences of which are still rarely known to the general public.

In the face of these anxious observations, the club sought to make a firm commitment, an equally convincing conviction was born: no matter the age, gender or physical condition, an active adoption and reducing the time spent on sitting activities are essential levers for improvement. The state of one’s health

The program “Move!” Revolves around three main axes: Raise public awareness about the challenges of living sedentary lifestyles and physical inactivity; Training of field actors; Support for sports practice in Brittany.

In terms of amateur clubs, 16 amateur clubs have been declared winners and 4 Grand Prix awards have been given. The latter will receive a grant from Foundation du Football.

Here is a list of the winners of the 14th Philip Seguin Trophy from the Foundation du Football:

Department of Education and Citizenship

Grand Prize: FFM La Romain (Burgundy French-Comes – Haute Saon) “I’m going to visit a museum before my match” for his project.. The club allows children and their families to explore cultural sites as well as match trips away.

Winners: Association Stade Heninয়েes (Hautes-de-France-Artois), FC Neuville-Bail (Grand-East-Marne), FC Plessis Robinson (Paris ile-de-France-Hautes-de-Seine).

Mixedity and diversity categories

Grand Prize: Leon La Duchere (Auvergne Rhône-Alpes – Isère) “I have rules, I play sports” for his project.. It was observed that the emergence of the seasons was forbidden and created a barrier to practice, so the club came together around different steps on this theme.

Winners: Club Sportif Nevolesien (Avargne Rh -ne-Alpes – Isere), FC 2A (Avargne Rh -ne-Alpes – Isere), International Maineu Academy (Grand-East – Alsace)

Department of Solidarity and Inclusion

Grand Prize: Golden Triangle Jura Foot (Burgundy French-Come-Jura) For his project “to go higher as a couple”. The aim is to build social bonds with refugees, break up isolation and help them learn French through football.

Winners: FC Kingsheim (Grand-East – Alsace), FC Lyon (Avargne Rh -ne-Alps – Lyon-Rh )ne), NDC Angers (Pace-de-la-Lower – Maine-et-Lower).

Department of Health and Environment

Grand Prix: AS Pagny sur Moselle (Great East – Murthe-et-Moselle) For his “Ecostead” project. The club has taken the initiative to set up an eco-stadium through an educational project for its youth and the entire city.

Winners: FC Saint-Etienne du Rouvray (Normandy – Seine-Maritime), Hirondelle Football Saint-Julian (Pays-de-la-Loire – Loire-Atlantique), Lamballe FC (Brittany – Cotes d’Armor)

All the details and initiatives of the clubs can be found here:

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