“The Good Lord 3”, “Notre-Dame Burns”, “The Visitor from the Future” … the most anticipated French film of 2022.

Comedy, thriller, drama, biopic … Discover our selection of the most anticipated French films of the year.

Despite 138 days off, French cinema has suffered limited losses, with 96 million viewers, an increase of 47% over 2020. 2022 will allow this rise to continue, with catalogs of releases enriched with various offers. Comedy, thriller, drama, biopic … Discover our selection of the most anticipated French films of the year.

“Superhero despite being himself”

Philip Lacheu Finds his colleague Julian Arruti, Tareq Baudali And Elody Fontan Inside Despite being a superhero himself, A parody of his new film as director, Marvel and DC Comics Productions. Becoming an Amnesiac after a road accident, Cedric thinks he is the superhero who starred in a movie. Confused with a dangerous criminal, the police are following him …

Release date: 9 February.

“The stars”

After five years of success Crazy stories of Max and LeonGregor Ludig and David Mercier, aka Palmasho, are back with a new comedy, The stars. A film directed by their collaborator Jonathan Barre, in which a failed singer will use a naive colleague to participate in a game show.

Release date: 16 February.

“Another World”

Stefan returns to the bridge Market law And In war With Another world, The third part of a trilogy on sickness in contemporary France. He again directed Vincent Lyndon and Sandrin Kiberlein in a film that follows a business executive while his professional choices change his family life.

Release date: 16 February.


Not Pierre Found after its success Preservation or destruction Director Frederick Tellier. The two are starting now Goliath, Advertised as an “investigative film” on GMOs and pesticides. Nine will be surrounded by Giles Leluche and Emmanuel Barkot.

Release date: March 9.

“Notre Dame is burning”

New movies from Jean Jack Annoud A huge budget of 30 million euros with the fire that destroyed the Parisian cathedral on April 15, 2019. The film, especially with Samuel Labert (The Little Murder of Agatha Christie), Jeremy Laheurt (Adele’s lifeChloé Jouannet (The commuters) And Pierre Lotin (Tuches), Aiming to recreate event after hour.

Release date: March 16.

“In the body”

Cedric Claps Returning with a film on dance, a theme that has fascinated him for years. We follow Alice, a classical dancer who has learned by accident that she can no longer dance. She tries her hand at a new career but will eventually discover that she can find a new path with contemporary dance. Franোয়াois Civil, P.O. Marmai, Denis Podalides, Muriel Robin And former dancer Alexia Giordano, seen Let’s danceYou are on the cast.

Release date: March 30.

“What have we all done?”

Verneuils is back. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of their marriage, they are welcoming their son-in-law at home. Christian keyboard And Chantal Lauby is coming back, just like that Ari Abittan, Madi Sadoun, Frederick Chow, Num Diawara, Frederick Bell, Emily Kane and Elody Fontan and Pascal Enzonzi. Julia Pyatton is replaced by Alice David (Brief, Baby seating)

Release date: April 6.


Six years later One hour PeaceBack to the camera with an adaptation of Patrice Leconte Migrate Holds by Gérard Depardieu. Migrate investigates the death of a young girl, but nothing allows her to be identified and no one seems to know her, don’t think …

Release date: April 6.

“Year of the Shark”

After dealing with the Werewolf movie TeddyLudovic and Zoran Boukherma shrug their shoulders at the story of the shark. Year of the Shark, Kad Merad, Marina Foïs, and Jean-Pascal Zadi, follow the investigation of a Marine policeman who is nearing retirement to stop a shark that sows terror in Bassin d’Arcachon.

Release date: Summer


After its success North FerryBack with Cédric Jimenez NovemberA film about November 13, 2015 Attack, With Jean Dujardin. The film is a dive into the heart of anti-terrorism during the five days of tracking after the November 13 attacks. Dujardin will be surrounded by Sandrin Kieberline, Jeremy Rainier, Anais Demaustier and Sophian Khames.

Release date: October 5.

“Visitors from the future”

François Descraques adapts his web-series to movies Future visitors, Which mixes science fiction and humor. Franোয়াois Descarcus warned Alosine that the project presents itself as “a gateway for all while respecting the myth of the series”. “It’s designed to be open to all audiences, even those who don’t know The Visitor from the Future

Release date: October 12.


Nicholas Bedos filmed last year Muscarade, A dramatic comedy that brings together Pierre Nini, Isabel Adjani, Franোয়াois Clujet and Emmanuel Davos. Nothing is filtered in the scenes of this movie, which will mix “scams, crimes and emotions”.

Release date: November 2nd.

“Origin of Evil”

Sebastian Marnier (Impeccable, Departure time) Should be a hard hit with this psychological thriller full of twists. Laure Calamy plays Stephane, a woman who reconnects with her father, whom she never knew. He discovers a very rich man, alone in his huge house and surrounded by women in his life who want to destabilize him …In therapy) Complete delivery.

Release date: November 2nd.

“The Great Magic”

Ten years later Camille repeats (2012), back with Noémie Lvovsky Great magic, An atypical musical comedy set in the 1920s. Dennis Podalides and Judith Chamla are the title of the film, which still stars Franোয়াois Morrell and Damien Bonard (Wretched man) In front of the camera and the music of the French rock group Feu! Chatterton.

Release date: Current of the year.

“Incredible but true”

Quentin Dupieux should come back with a new Barlesque and Absurd comedy Inside Incredible but true, A couple discovers a trap door in their cellar and sees their lives turned upside down. For the show, he reunited with Alain Chabat and Anais Demoustier, and for the first time, Leah Drucker and Benoit Magimel conducted.

Release date: Current of the year.

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