The magical illumination of the Zoo Safari de Thori begins on Sunday: discover them in a few figures

On Sunday, the sun will set at 5:30 pm, in the dark at the Thoari Zoo Safari, with thousands of lanterns burning at the same time.

For the fourth time, the -le-de-France, the third largest leisure park, is hosting the Tourey Lumiিয়re Savage Event this year on the theme “Nature in a Thousand Colors”.


Lanterns of letters, animals and plants will appear at night. On the outskirts of the zoo safari fort garden, visitors will discover a real jungle, which will start the journey of more than one and a half kilometers.

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Zoo safari liaison officer Tiffin de la Riviera says:

“We find, for example, bright animals from farms and forests. There will be a marine area and its huge octopus, the famous and timeless dinosaur, then a huge area of ​​fruits, insects, birds and flowers, which will make you feel very small. “

Tiffin of the river (Members of ZooSafari)

Magic and sorcery do not stop there. The zoo safari makes you feel like Luke Besson’s film, Arthur and the Minimois: “A psychedelic scene will unfold in front of the castle before snails, snakes, flowers and multi-colored mushrooms go under a huge six-meter spider. Surrounding the expanse of water! This is the world of animals, it is no longer ours.


LED bulbs are bright animals and are used to enliven all those colors. Tiphaine de la Rivière explains: “Lanterns are made of metal, covering themselves with stretched tissue paper, as is the Chinese tradition. Previously, they were made of paper and were less resistant. A


People were hired by the park to take care of the palace gardens and the installation of this huge construction site. “The Thoiry team has recovered some lanterns from last year and, in addition to the lanterns recovered by the Park Artists team, about 300 new lanterns were on board in six containers at the end of August. A

Handlers, artists and electricians have joined the zoo safari team “so that everything is ready in time and can offer visitors a magical winter,” added Thefine de la Riviera.


The zoo safari illumination is expected by visitors throughout the winter Tiphaine de la Rivière explains: “Magical lighting starts on Sunday and lasts until March 5, 2022. Every year, we adjust to the change of time so that it gets really dark. A

The Lantern Route opens daily from 5 to 8 p.m. “To access it, all you have to do is buy a Classic Zoo + safari ticket and the course will be accessible for free. Please note, no entry will be made after 7:15 pm,” said Zoo Safari.

Practice. Price: Adult Admission € 30, Child Admission (3 to 11 years) € 24, Free for children under 3. Mandatory health passes for children 12 years and older. The park is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Information:

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