Title 10 Years: Jamel Saihi, Local Child’s Travels

2012: MHSC Odyssey. Defensive midfielder / 30 matches with 28 starts / Tunisian international / 35 years old.

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Palladin forever

His heart is rural and will remain so forever. From his first steps as a budding footballer in the early 90’s to the playground at the Zen-d’Arc school in the Arsex district of Montpellier, then at the age of 8, before joining Laverun two years later at the Maus Prunet field, little Jamel Saihi plays football, eats and sleeps.

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Small, he was attacking

“At that age, I played as an attacker. Even if we played on a decent level, I was already outclassed, the Franco-Tunisians remember. We were a group of friends, we enjoyed the whole game.” Until the day when, during an identification, Jameel Saihi caught the eye of MHSC: “I am 12 years old and I was recruited as an assailant”.

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History goes on for Piladin who joined the training center at 15 after his pre-training. “I got a place in the defensive midfielder because I don’t let anything go on the pitch and I have a good strategy,” he explained. The qualities that his trainers could not avoid at that time, Der Zacarian, Lore, Lipini, Printent …

First game on the tour

In 2006-2007, MHSC fought in League 2 and played for maintenance. Roland Kurbis arrived in April and then gave 20-year-old Jamel Saihi a chance. “I am playing my first match with the first team in Tours (1-1), the club has been maintained and I am signing my first professional contract at the end of this season” Goal).

He also scored his first international goal – as well as the first official goal of his professional career – during a friendly match against the Netherlands (1-1), in February 2009 and contributed, the same year, to MHSC’s League 2 as vice-champions. A. France (16 matches).

“I was the twelfth person.”

In Ligue 1, from 2009 to 2011, the Franco-Tunisian is behind Roman Petau in his sentry post in front of the central defense. “I was Rene Girard’s twelfth man, admitted Jameel Saihi. I came to play a lot, I played in the League Cup final (against OM, lost 3-0), I discovered the European Cup (3).And Europa League round) and advanced players as well.

Until the student passes the master: August 6, 2011, period 1D On the day of the championship against Auxerre, replacing the 24-year-old Roman Pitau (58) of MontpellierAnd) While the Pailladins have a 0-1 lead. With Marco Estrada, Jameel Saihi solidifies the midfield and becomes a valuable launching pad for his team’s offensive line.

MHSC reversed the score (3-1) and, from that day on, became the Franco-Tunisian holder. “I chained good performances like my friends. We started repeating our high quality performances, to win. We were inspired to have a great season,” said midfielder Rene Girard, part of the system. Quarter finals in Gabon. “I started at the park against PSG (2-2), a match we should have won …”

“I’ve never seen it in La Mason.”

Jameel Saihi holds a public image against Lille at 37, until he is addicted to the title after his 25th success at Oxre (1-2) – and before embarking on a “huge” adventure in the Champions League next season.And Day: “I’ve never seen it in La Mason. It was delusional! Karim Ait-Fanar’s goal on Olivier Giroud’s cross on the left and this 1-0 win at the very end of the match, we only have it for our supporters who were united that day.

What is it?

In 2016, at the end of the summer transfer window, Jameel Saihi, 29, after a full career at MHSC, signed a one-year contract with SCO Angers (L1) which maintains: “It was not going well with coach Huntz in Montpellier … I told him to leave. And the anger came. “

But unfortunately this midfielder got injured at the beginning of the season while Stefan Moulin’s team was performing. Far from La Mason, Saihi could not force himself, the Angers leaders bet on youth, “traded” and the Montpellier players returned to their country at the end of the season.

Until 2019, he gets offers, somewhat external, “but not what I’m looking for”. At 32, he says he has stopped playing football, has since managed his property successfully and has been pedaling “aiming to be among the top 500 French players” (he is currently the 1,230th out of about 17,000).

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