Caroline (married at first sight) as a couple? An unexpected picture leaked … he speaks

Season 6 fans Marriage at first sight I know it was never a crazy love affair between Axel and Caroline. Or elsewhere between the latter and the experts. However, Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter may not always be successful in their adjustment. Whatever it is, their story is good and really ends. Barely started and already finished. Since their divorce, it seems that these animal lovers have found love for themselves. Here are the pictures of the new boyfriend of the vegetarians we got.

Caroline and Axel (Marriage at first sight) And unmarried!

Ever since the episode started airing Marriage at first sight Is broadcast on the channel M6, We can say that the experts have been quite successful in their adjustment, except in the case of Caroline and Axel. In fact, the young woman never fell in love with her husband who was younger than her and who ate chocolate powder every morning একটি an unacceptable thing for these vegetarians who don’t buy any big brands that pollute the planet. On the contrary, Axel was amazed by this glamorous brunette. Despite his efforts, he remained in his first opinion. Everyone went back to the mountains with their dogs. Although 80% of them are compatible, sometimes alchemy does not work. Thus, it is not necessarily the fault of the emission experts Marriage at first sight. The latter can always be reassuring with other couples who seem to be doing well.

Carolina Marriage at first sight Has she finally found true love?

Anyway, from the beginning Caroline D. Marriage at first sight Got the wrath of the web. In fact, Internet users have not let it down on social networks. They judged that she was not working hard enough with her husband and that he was superficial. To protect herself, she turned her anger against the production, the specialist and even her ex-husband. Despite this somewhat complicated passage for him, he quickly returned to Gene. In fact, loneliness is no longer a part of his daily life because he has found something suitable for him. According to information from blogger Aqabab, it is a vegetarian candidate Marriage at first sight He has not been alone since the filming ended. In his story InstagramAkbab reveals: “Oops! Caroline D. MAPR is in a relationship again with a mysterious stranger who is not Axel.. In fact, she shared a photo showing Caroline kissing a young man. We can see that he is taller and he does not have a beard …

Vegan for sure!

So fans Marriage at first sight Can’t wait for the season to end to watch the special episode “What have they become?” In fact, when the adventure is over, the channel informs the candidates shortly after to announce if they are still married. But, there is no need to wait for Caroline who was kind enough to clear up the rumors. In fact, he told our colleagues Entertainment TV Her life has changed since the broadcast. “Yes, we will see. I’ll let you know. ” It further specifies: “What happened to them?” It was shot in January so it changed my life … “. “I couldn’t talk to the show’s broadcaster.” So, we imagine that he must talk about his favorite and gentle. Check out the two photos below that say a lot about her sensitive situation.

Instagram Caroline Mapper.
Instagram Caroline Mapper.

Fortunately, according to data from Axel there is a relationship Entertainment TV. In fact, here is what he told reporters: “Yes, I have someone today. There is no privacy issue.. It’s been a few months now. We plan to go together soon.. Things are moving fast and well for the ex-husband, frustrated with his experience Marriage at first sight. We wish them all a lot of happiness.

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