Childhood, tragedy, marriage and heavy secrets …

May 12, 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of Jacqueline Mylan’s death If we think of Suzanne’s delicious interpreter in “Potiche” for her humor, we know little about her childhood complex, her avant-garde marriage, or her bisexuality. Boulevard Theater Star’s privacy.

It’s been 30 years Jacqueline Mylan Dead. On May 12, 1992, the actress died at the age of 69 after internal bleeding in her apartment at the 16th Arrondissement in Paris. He had to endure Major cardiovascular surgery The next day. The Queen of the French Comic Register, often described as the female counterpart of Louis de Fanes, marks the history of French comics forever.

Jacqueline Mylan: Her complex

Jacqueline Mylan was born on January 11, 1923, in the par-le-maniale Raised by an engineer father of Ponts et ChausséesAnd a Mother is a housewife, In a bourgeois family. She was born after her two sisters, Christian and Suzanne, while her parents were expecting a son. Does her parents feel frustrated every day? Still, small JacquelineA tomboy, a complex child.

Jacqueline Mylan, funny even in tragedy

Despite a complicated schooling, this is a real teaser Specially acclaimed His teachers and classmates.

It provides a power of law, one of a kind Law degree, But before becoming the secretary of the pharmacist, he finished doing the child care course. But Jacqueline Mylan can’t ignore her true passion Theater. It must be said that the young woman is famous for her humor and ability to make people laugh in any situation. In particular, he manages to provoke the laughter of his teacher, actor Renেনে Simon, by performing one Resin’s tragedy.

Jacqueline Mylan: Her marriage to Michelle Imar

In the 1950s, composer Michelle Emma regularly attended actress shows. Under the spell, he Marriage proposal. Jacqueline Mylan hesitates, but eventually agrees. Two days later The death of his fatherShe said “yes” and became the mother-in-law of Michelle Emer’s two children, Lawrence and Jack.

Boulevard theater star Jacqueline Mylan is also known for her multiple appearances on television, especially on the show. Big kidsIn the late 1960’s.

With BorvilleTwo months before the actor’s death, he recorded two parodies to a song by Serge Gainsbourg in 1970, Poor LolaAnd I don’t love you either A disgusting pair!

Jacqueline Mylan: Her bisexuality

Jacqueline Maillan has a heavy secret, her sexual orientation. “Jacqueline was somewhere Bisexuality, It was something that created a fundamental problem for him. At the time, it was very difficult to manage“, The show reminds me of his friend Marion Sarrat One day, one destiny.

Michelle Emer, her husband, is aware Sexual orientation of his wife. And he is the only one. Both structures aFree couple ahead of timeHe died in 1984 without disclosing his wife’s privacy …

Insights, journalist Fran Nespo understands why Jacqueline Mylan was particularly uncomfortable during their interview. When the journalist described 1975 “International Women’s Year“The actress had a hard time hiding her embarrassment.”Women make me laughHe pretended not to be interested in the conversation and left.

Later One day, one destinyFrance Nespo deciphered the moment: “She must have thought I knew the secret of her lifeOf His love for women or women at any rate. But I didn’t know then (…) in her silence, I embarrassed her that she was trying to find a way to lie to me.

Jacqueline Mylan, dead on stage (or almost)

In May 1992, just before his death, he appeared on stage for the last time Cake, A monologue written for him by Pierre Palmad. He died May 12, following a Internal bleedingAnd are buried Parisian cemetery in BagnexIn Hauts-de-Seine.

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