Joseph Sergeant – “Into the Nightmare / Nightmares” (1983)

After signing his most important cinematographic success (Steel brain, Bootleggers And Underground pirates) In the first half of the 1970s and benefiting from great success, Joseph Sergeant faced a subtle comeback. MacArthur, Rebel General (1977) Half-failed at the box office as well as split, Gold at the end of the pathHis return to SF, a complete flop and Coast to coastt, his effort in a romantic comedy, Robert Blake won a Razzie Award nomination for worst actor. The filmmaker, who has temporarily abandoned television since 1975, reinvested the small skylight in the early 80’s where he progressed at a sustainable rate of two productions per year on average. At the same time, horror sketch film, which will be highlighted at regular intervals (from Three faces of fear Thanks to Mario Bava back in the box for a decade after Amicus Productions) Crawl show George A. in 1982. By Romero. The phenomenon also develops in the ethnographic series Dark shadows, Night Gallery Or Dark house And it’s a priority (in terms of order, it’s also said that they intended to launch a new show) to appear in this last set, the first three chapters of whichIn the middle of a nightmare Wrote Christopher Crowe. The problem is, the TV is supposed to be too violent and too intense, the project will be redesigned for the room. This is a quarter of what Jeffrey Bloom wrote (who, like Crowe, was originally a small screen writer and Dark house) Is rotated to achieve a duration of more than ninety minutes. Four years before the final feature film Evil Memories, which will end the director’s career on the big screen, Jaws 4: Revenge, Nightmare A very nice surprise. Its television origins are linked to its director’s own career, making it an ideal junction between the two sides of his filmography, like a swan song hiding behind a minor look. In the middle of a nightmare are four short stories and many characters find themselves in the title picture: a housewife who smokes compulsively, while a mad killer escapes; A young man who is fond of video games finds himself in the realm of virtual and reality; In the crisis of faith a priest is looking for the answer to his question and a woman hears rats on the wall of her house …

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Animated credits, backed by a hedy theme where clouds, storms, a cat’s red eye and a burning hole merge, allow the title to appear quietly Nightmare In white, without a blood stain as a dot on i. Four chapters follow. Panic in Topanga, Bishop of War, Blessings And Rat night, Which follows each other without hindrance, but each explores its own way, an aspect of horror with the joy of the movie and a real skill, proving the intact knowledge of its director. If the fourth, a little more classic in its unveiling (although it is clearly and seriously staged), the special effects are far less successful than those of its predecessors (not to mention, the animated rat stimulates it). Nine families Peter Segal with Eddie Murphy (stuck in the first part of the theme level), where a play comes to reunite a family in crisis (it was about a couple in conflict) Panic in Topanga) Thus the coherence of the whole is achieved by a worldwide similar subject (reunion test in three episodes) or a shared concept organization (the dimensions of the hallucinatory trip that are characterized in two different styles, Bishop of War And Blessings) Switching from one story to another, discovering new heroes, settings and problems contribute to the humorous nature of feature films. For example, we go to a nocturnal slasher in the suburbs Panic in TopangaIn the light of day in a big city, loud songs in the ears of the hero Bishop of War. Each short film has a duration of twenty to thirty minutes, In the middle of a nightmare Leaves no room for monotony and eventually forms a fairly homogeneous whole, for entertainment which is a little more unjustly forgotten. He must have paid for the outing in the same period Crawl show And The Twilight Zone, CinemaCarried by filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, George Miller, John Landis and Joe Dante, it deserves to be discovered.

In the middle of a nightmare – Copyright Elephant Films 2022

Panic in TopangaA terrific comeback after six years, in addition to the always admirable presence of Christina Raines Cursed Sentinel, Appears as an ideal role. After a bloody role to the tune of an authentic stylized slasher, the film is part of a certain routine. This poses a challenge as simple as it works: a woman who has run out of cigarettes refuses to let her husband go out, while a murderer is on the run. This marital tension and this character quickly ends, allowing Joseph Sergeant to make the slightest element a source of potential concern (a dog, a hiccup, a gas tank almost empty) but injecting a small dose of humor (“I am not alone”) The shopkeeper proudly displays his firearms. Bishop of Ware, first gets away from the genre by introducing two arcade-loving friends, running a little scandal to make some money. We gradually realize that JJ (formerly Emilio Estevez) Breakfast Club) Is obsessed with the idea of ​​crossing the last level of a video game, even if it means disobeying his parents and hiding to reach his goal at any cost. Probably inspired by Tron Published by Steven Lisberger a year ago, this part actually observes the intrusion of virtual, which creates confusion in the mind and screen of the protagonist. The most expensive chapter (it will take about nine weeks of work), it is the craziest and most impressive. Parts of JJ, portrayed as a trance experience where 2D and 3D computer-generated images rearrange the perception of reality with which they collide, form the highlight of a show that is simply stunning. Notice that this is the only episode that lacks a happy or soothing conclusion, a point that emphasizes its long-lasting obsessive power. Indications of false continuity, Blessings, Opens with a nightmare, if it depicts a spiritual crisis, in reality less immediate concrete, it slowly gains opportunity, thanks to the evil perspective that bothers its hero and the trauma that afflicts him. After all, he makes an astonishing turn toward a scenic spot on the side of the road, when in the middle of the desert, beneath the suffocating heat, a vehicle presented as annoying turns into a monstrous object literally rising from the ground (e.g. Bishop of War, Special effects are of high quality). Hallucinations? Madness? Lance Henriksen’s difficult interpretation, along with the seriousness of reality and staging, sows confusion. Rat nightHome invasion beast, a form of first obscurity (Claire seems to be the only one to hear strange noises) and advice (good off-camera management) plays before falling into a much more trivial barbarity. As mentioned above, this is the least surprising chapter, yet it remains a completely honest conclusion.

In the middle of a nightmare – Copyright Elephant Films 2022

A few months later MacArthur, Rebel General, Elephant Films is watching another feature film by Joseph Sergeant, which has not been re-released in France since VHS! Available in Combo Blu-ray / DVD and Single DVD, the film of your choice can be viewed in 1.85 or 1.33 format. The version comes with a large complement, Long story Where Julian Comelli goes back to the history of sketch film in general and then to the horror fantasy register in particular. In the middle of a nightmareComplete and provided documentation, with which an original trailer has been added.

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