Saint-Denis: The court rejected the appeal of the transferred teachers

Ariel Alimi condemned the attack on Monday, May 9, before the Montreal Administrative Court.Which can be described as personal, personally political and ideological

Six teachers, five women and one man from the Pastor School, submitted a summary-independence order to the parents of about twenty students, along with the Unions of Interest 93 and SNUipp-FSU 93, challenging their transfer. On the day of judgment

It will be difficultAlim warned me before the hearing, But there will be other remedies, especially on merit

Mr. Benoit Arvis, attorney for the students’ parents in Montreal Administrative Court.

“Interest in service”

The decision is the result of an administrative investigation conducted into the operations of the institution, which is classified as REP + (Reinforced Priority Education Network) from November 2021 to March 2022, which welcomed about 300 students.

The rector of the Cretail Academy, representing Eva Hong-Bauvert, maintained, for her part, that there were transfers. “In the interest of service (…) to restore a calm environment in the school, conducive to learningThe position was challenged by Mr. Ari Alimi, a teacher and union representative, and Mr. Benoit Arvis, a lawyer for the parents of the students.

However, the judge in the chamber considered the arguments opposed by Louis Pasteur’s school teachers to be unfounded, according to an order issued by AFP.

The Cretel Academy Rector was not intended. “ApprovalOf “No”Call in question“Their union promises, but to work face to face”Climate deterioration“In the establishment, he considered.

The judge added that “The best interests of the child“The honor was given because the alternate teachers were assigned to the respective classes. The transferred teachers expressed their apprehension in the face of sudden break with the students, some of whom are very inconvenienced or disabled.

Mr Alimi told AFP on Wednesday that his clients were considering a possible appeal of the decision before the Council of State.

Anger and misunderstanding

About fifteen parents in front of the court, some of whom were with their children, waited Monday under the blazing sun until the hearing was over.

I no longer have confidence in national education“, Dropped Muriel (his first name has been changed) who came with his three children. “I don’t want to keep them secret, but I’ve started to see them anyway

Next to her, Mary added: “We are still stunned. We feel a lot of anger. Of course, I support the teachers, but I am there for the children. They are now victims of this situation

His daughter, Stella, a CE1 student, whose wife is one of the six transferred teachers, is also there: “I don’t want to go back to class until my concubine is back. We talked about it among ourselves

While waiting for the hearing to end, Sylvie, 65, the mother of one of the transferred teachers, expressed her feelings of injustice: “My daughter has been fighting for her students for 12 years. They fought to organize green classes, they conducted educational projects with a clip on gender equality aired in France 3. They too were happy to have him to run the school for six months. With these changes, it’s an entire profession that we break down. I still do not understand what is being blamed on them, their file is empty. This is an arbitrary decision“He was very impressed.

Forced mutations

According to the teachers’ calculations, the weather deteriorated with the arrival of a new director in September after the head of the institution remained empty for some time. An articleLeftism in school“, Published in January in the conservative magazine l’Incorrect, set fire to the powder. The director, who testified anonymously, was assigned to another school in Saint-Denis. “It is also a struggle against ideological infiltration And politics at school“I was also instructed by Alimi, insisting that”Everything has been going well since he left.

National education criticizes teachers in particular “Systematic antagonism“, Try to force”A self-management structure“Or”A manipulative attitude

According to teachers, these are “Complaint“Without basis or evidence, which”Misunderstanding“Folder facing”EmptyOf proof. “In fact, what they are being criticized for is being an executive council of masters, a real teamCaroline Merchand, the departmental joint secretary of the Snoop-FSU union, speculated.

Measurements will have a lasting effect in any case. With students, who learned about it on April 11, a week before their official announcement, the day before the school holidays. “I saw my concubine crying. I thought something bad had happened“, Said Stella.”Many parents go to occupy the school the next day. We saw teachers crying, The kids cried and so did we.“”It’s really sadHawa, 36, is a mother of three. “We had two terrible weeks. These teachers really listened to the children, gave them confidence.

The departure of the teachers means that there will be a lot of transfers in the new school in the middle of the year. Twelve of the remaining 13 students at Pasteur’s school are currently on strike, with about half of them asking to change jobs. Like Bertrand, Pasteur has been a professor for seven years. “I can’t go back to this situation. We have set up many educational projects, green classes … my colleagues have become my friends. I like to start from scratch

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