Shelter of peace for Ukrainian refugees in Comines

Jean-Paul Decherchev, a farmer from Cummins, has been hosting a Ukrainian family at his late father’s house since early April. To soften their exile as much as possible, a beautiful solidarity was arranged around them.

On the right is Jean-Paul Descharf, a farmer from Cummins, with Dimitro, Polina and Ostap, whom he keeps in a house adjacent to his farm. © LDG

A house in the center of his farm. Jean-Paul Descharf, a polycultivator and breeder in Comin, 59, has been offering a 30-year-old Ukrainian woman and her two sons aged 15 and 9 since the beginning of April.

A bracket that keeps the battle at bay for a while, but does not completely suppress its echo.

Campaign resolution

The idea of ​​mixed breeding came up during the presidential campaign. “I have had several meetings with Xavier Bertrand in support of Valerie PecresHe stands. One of them happened at Mark-en-Baroul (59). It’s been a month since the war began in Ukraine. A Ukrainian man from the embassy came to talk about the situation. The state of his country, the refugees in Poland … I thought of my grandparents who had to leave Normandy after the Nazis arrived … ”

Who spoke to his Polish seasonal workers who came to plant potatoes to hear their testimony about the bombing and the refugee line. Then the ambassador decided it.

“His house has been empty since my father died seven or eight years ago. I talked to my wife about it. I told myself I couldn’t keep it empty. A

He reports to the town hall, which, together with the prefecture, arranges for the relocation of families from Ukraine. Agents arrive quickly and inspect the premises to ensure a good reception situation. Then, it’s a meeting.

Date, the farmer remembers effortlessly. “It’s simple: they arrived in early April, eight days before the first round. The premises visit was made on a Thursday, next Saturday Polina, Dmytro and Ostap were with us! They had nothing … I brought her milk and potatoes from my farm, she asked me how much she owed me. It inspired me that he asked me questions. A


It tells the story of Paulina, who still can’t speak French, with the help of Google Trade and a soft-spoken thread. “We are from Tarnopil in western Ukraine. Rumor had it that they would continue to bomb us, so we left without my husband, who had to stay to defend the country. We crossed the Polish border on foot, led by friends, and on March 8 we reached a friend of my husband who had been living in France for seven years, who had helped me in the first place. A

The voice that is heard by the violence of the breakup describes her former life, the bank employee then the housewife. Her husband, Sergei, was a truck driver. He now works for the Red Cross. “My parents stayed there. It’s easy for us to be safe. I’m worried about them, and I call every day to see if they’re OK. I want the conflict to end quickly. But my husband says we have to be ready for it to last. A

How does he find comines? ” Smaller than Tarnopil, She smiled sadly, But my parents lived in the next village. A How are her children coping with the situation? “The younger you are, the easier it is to get used to the situation. It’s a little difficult for Dimitro … “

Local solidarity

When the Ukrainian family arrives, the locals offer help. “Two families around us take them out for regular outings because my wife and I don’t have time on the farm. They even went to see Burke’s kite! We asked the mayor for a room so that all the families in the commune could gather regularly, he told me he was going to do it. A

Because in Comines, Jean-Paul Decherf is not the only one to do what he does: he knows that there are two more families in town. Hospitality requires a special approach. “In the beginning, you have to go slowly, they are still people who have reached a state of shock. The little boy came and was very scared, he hugged his mother a lot. He even feared Bond’s plane … “

New routine

Thanks to the Town Hall of Comines “Who has done the work of his humanity”Dmytro and Ostap are educated at local schools and colleges, and take courses in parallel at a Ukrainian online school.

Polina has taken a job at the Ferme de la Gontière, a mushroom farm in Comines, and starts at 5am. That’s why a neighbor takes Ostap to school. Dimitro travels by bicycle. Did the discovery of the farm thrill young Ukrainians? “They prefer to be on the internet than tractors! AJean-Paul Decherf Hassan, who passes by every day to say hello to his guests. “I bring milk from their farm, it makes them happy. When we finished the potatoes, Polina wanted us to cook a Ukrainian meal. A

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