Sophie’s fashion outfit in “Anatomy of a Scandal”

Melissa James Gibson and David E. The new Netflix production created by Kelly seems to have delighted customers of the streaming platform. Among Netflix’s Top 10 Most Viewed Programs, “Anatomy of a Scandal” takes us behind the scenes of British power. Launched on April 15, 2022, the six-episode miniseries tell the story of a couple whose people are politicians. Their peaceful and comfortable life is turned upside down by the press revealing an extramarital affair maintained by James with a young colleague. A scandal that shakes the London couple’s stability is followed by another scandal: allegations of rape against the deputy. The legal process and the media coverage management of the case feed this series which brilliantly isolates the various aspects and violations of such allegations. If the television show is purely fictional and taken from Sarah Vaughan’s fictional novel, its story is inspired by real events.

Sophie Whitehouse character: A strong and loyal mother

Starring Sienna Miller, Sophie is a 42-year-old mother and housewife. Married to James, a benevolent politician with whom she is deeply in love, the beautiful blonde is loyal and loyal to him despite his obstacles and the accusations brought against him. Willing to do anything for her, she stays by his side even after being ridiculed and publicly humiliated. More loyal, we don’t see! She is a strong woman who does not lose face and who excels in all situations regardless of her reaction or attitude. In short, a character to whom we have all the respect.

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Her dress: Elegant piece with impeccable cut

Like her attitude, Sophie’s style of dress embodies the very essence of the word “class.” Overwhelmed with smoothness and minimalism, the hero’s appearance is all stunning. It’s very simple, each episode is a new fashion lesson. Never too stylish, but Sophie’s fashion items differ in their perfect cut and quality materials. Details that perfectly reflect the privileged life and wealth of the character, which does not require glamorous jewelry and logos to show the way of life.

Among its various appearances, there are a few that we particularly remember. The first outfit where we see Sophie start the mini-series in style: her straight midi-length dress, a round neckline, well-formed shoulders and long sleeve chic height. No neckline or cut around the body, this dress with a refined look is absolutely divine. As accessories, again, Sophie presents timeless and chic pieces. On her feet, the character wears a pair of golden strappy heeled sandals while, on her ears and wrists, she wears rather thick gold earrings (but enough) as well as a gold bangle. More or less, and we love it! In addition to these first quality garments, some other pieces are highly desirable, and always go very well together. We especially remember her long beige woolen cape, a high knitted rib collar she wears with little baggy jeans, as well as her long rusty-colored coat with her perfect cut that makes her look pretty basic or even bloated. Emerald green midi dress, featuring an open neckline, a cinched waist and a pleated skirt. An absolutely chic dressing room, a delicious blend of timeless beauty and strong pieces.

Good inspiration

If Sophie has to represent a brand, she will definitely have to eat it. The feminine and minimal fashion of the brand is characterized by a precisely balanced balance of texture and fluidity. Her sensible parts still blend femininity and masculinity for a divine rendering, where the sublime materials, elegant and impeccable cuts as well as the redefined basics blend perfectly with the character’s style. We can still see Celine or The Row, which offer both elegant timeless and stylistically strong items.

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