Suffering from Parkinson’s disease, he uses electrodes and sports in the brain as a daily medicine.

The Bologna native has been battling Parkinson’s disease for 12 years and wants to be the first neuro-stimulant to cycle 1,236 kilometers. In late May, Frederick Belanger will drive to Perpignan to help children with cancer.

Hello my name is Fred Belanzer and I am a sports ambassador “. When you first meet Frederick Belanzer, you are fascinated. A smiling face, a physical reassurance that says a lot about his determination.

For 12 years, he has suffered from Parkinson’s disease, but at 54 years of age, he shows the size of a local athlete in Bologna. It must be said that he has been training for months, even years, to ride his bike since May 28th.

His goal is to arrive in Perpignan on June 4, 2022 and cover 1,236 kilometers in 5 steps of 220 kilometers. Because Frederick Belanzer has made the game a medicine. “Sports are essential in the fight against Parkinson’s disease, and for this reason, it is essential in the fight against all chronic diseases.” That’s why I regularly do sports challenges He said.

Sport is essential in the fight against Parkinson’s disease, it is essential in the fight against all chronic diseases elsewhere.

Accustomed to the challenge of endurance, Frederick is not in his first challenge. In 2017, he has already redefined himself several times in 2018 and 2020, differentiating himself by paddling 6 days and 6 nights on a bicycle at the hospital in Boulogne-sur-Mer, home-trainer.

With the challenge of sports, we talk about disease and how it helps to fight isolation

Frederick regularly participates in various trails from Cote d’Opal to mountain triathlons such as the Ultraman. ” Along with the challenges of sports, we talk about disease and how it helps people fight isolation. It helped me hold on to these years while waiting for this operation last June.

Less than a year ago, he underwent surgery at De Lille, the center hospital. A 10-hour operation to implant two electrodes in each hemisphere of the brain to reduce the effects of the disease, attached to a battery installed under the skin.

“Today, I no longer tremble for this deep neurostimulation.” Frederick shows us raising his hand. ” Medicine is making progress but this is not the time to relax its efforts. Even if you see that the medicine is not going fast enough when you are sick, you still need to believe. It’s moving forward day by day, you have to hold on and I have found the game to hold on! A

On May 28, he will therefore leave the Army column at the Grande of Bulon-sur-Mer and head for Perpignanan. With Stephen Quentin who will ride with him and led by Olivier Delisen, president of the sporting club Bulonis SCB.

That way he would benefit from technical and sports support that would follow him on a truck. Not only that, it will be followed in the air. Thanks to the online pots, Frederick Belanzer will paddle for the association’s benefit to raise funds throughout his journey.

Children are the future »s’eFrederick Stimulus ! “When I saw these kids with cancer, seriously ill, with very serious pathology, and when I saw them leave the plane, when I saw the happiness and joy on their faces, I said to myself, something to allow them to steal more. To do.

I said to myself: We need to do something so that the kids can steal more

So Olivia Proud’home, president of the association An Infant Dance Le Siele will be present and follow him, but in the air. During this challenge, from May 28 to June 4, the association will take about fifty young patients one by one on planes and helicopters to fly over Frederick in these 5 stages:

  • Bulolon sur Mer to Elbouf (Seine Maritime)
  • Elbeuf at Saint-Martin-les-Melle (Dex-Severs)
  • Saint-Martin-les-Melle in Marguerনেn (Gironde)
  • Carcassonne Marguerনn (Odd)
  • Carcassonne to Perpignan (Pyrenees-Oriental)

Fred Belanzer’s Challenge can be followed on the Facebook pages of Team Sporting Club Bolognais, Opel Bike Challenge and Un Infant Dance Le Seal.

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