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The real housewife in Dubai The classic reality TV twist gives another twist. But this time, it’s not New Jersey or Atlanta that’s in the spotlight. Executive producer Andy Cohen took the series to one of the richest cities in the world. In contrast to the show’s founding path to showcasing the antisocial social life of wealthy women who do not have to work because of their wealthy husbands, the series follows a group of powerful women who personally own huge amounts of land and run a business empire.

However, the series will not change its tone, with the promise that it will bring its viewers all the drama they can possibly handle. After all, there are still social catastrophes in the lives of the super-rich. They sometimes take the top spot in the Burj Khalifa. The cameras are focused on these six women who have moved to the “City of Gold” to lead an extravagant lifestyle that no other city can afford. As the series begins in June, viewers are expected to see these women shoulder to shoulder with celebrities and Saudi princes. Hopefully some of these social events will feature the most powerful women in the world as the 11th city The real housewife The franchise comes to the screen.

Here’s what we know The real housewife in Dubai So far.

The Dubai Land

Bravo released a trailer last month that gave everyone a taste of the show’s style that we all know and love, but maximized it through the huge amount of cash and jaw-dropping fashion. Considering that Dubai is known by its nicknames “Golden City” and “Billionaire’s Playground”, it is the 11th city in the world. Housewife Generosity should be more than enough for entertainment.

Official summary The real housewife in Dubai Hall:

“Whether they’re eating on a hillside or planning a wedding of the year, overlooking the 1,000-camel valley, these aspiring and glamorous women prove that everything is awesome in the ‘Golden City’.” When new group mobility threatens long-term friendships, tensions inevitably reach a boiling point, so if you can’t stand the heat … get out of Dubai.

The Dubai cast and their story

The cast consists of five new women and one we’ve seen before on the show. London women. Each one released in anticipation of the series debut has a small blurb of Bravo.

Nina Ali Think of yourself as a lifestyle content creator and go by the nickname Lipstick Mami on her Instagram. The story is filled with pictures of her husband Munaf and their three children living in a decorative environment. He was born in Lebanon and grew up in Austin, Texas, before moving to Dubai to get married. He co-founded his own business that sells fruitcakes. And despite his vast wealth, Bravo tells us that he is still struggling as a family “to decide whether life at the penthouse is worth a lot of sacrifice.”

Channel Ian “Dubai’s first black model”. She runs a business in the fashion and beauty industry specializing in makeup and skin care products. With several irons in the fire, this mother runs her own artistic agency as well as works as a model. This season, her character’s arc seems mysterious, Bravo uses a metaphor for makeup and hides more than just sacrifices: “Chanel has faced monsters from her past and present, she realizes she can’t hide behind the seam for so long. A

Caroline Brooks A divorced single mother who apparently still uses her ex-husband’s connections in the business world. She has some reputation in Dubai’s real estate sector, which earned her the nickname “Caroline DXB”. Although Bravo does not give any indication of what DXB means. He is a first generation American, born to Honduran parents in Boston.

Dr. Sara Al MadaniOn the other hand, he came from the UAE and has been an entrepreneur since childhood. He earned a doctorate in business administration. He is the co-founder of Proposition Cupids and Halahi Company and the administrator and partner of the third: Social Fish. And despite her impressive biography, her stress seems to revolve around finding love in the world of a working woman.

Lisa Milan She moved from Jamaica to Dubai, where she won the prestigious Miss Jamaica modeling title. A businessman, Milan herself is a mother of three. She runs a maternity fashion line called Mina Rowe, but according to Bravo, her character is defined by her fierce loyalty and desire to put family first.

Caroline Stanberry Our repeat performers. He has previously appeared in Bravo’s London womenStanberry is now returning to beautiful Dubai as a luxury brand ambassador and host of popular relationship podcasts. Divorced is not dead“The mother of three has recently remarried and is no less than former Real Madrid footballer Sergio Carroll. But their age difference puts a strain on their marriage, especially when it comes to family expansion.”

Premiere date

The real housewife in Dubai Premiere on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at 9pm ET in Bravo.


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