The Pochet factory in Kurval, in the Brussels Valley, is running electrically

Benoit Marsalek, Director of Bottled Operations, inspecting the glass parts of the Guimarville factory (Le Reville de Neufchetel)

Has been announced Wednesday 12 May At a press conference on the site Guimarville (Seine Maritime), Benoit Marszalek, operations director of the group’s bottled division. Pochet Group will build its first electric oven by the end of 2024.

After all, as the government makes clear, the UN has declared 2022 “International Year of Glass” Emphasis on the role of glass in scientific, economic, artistic and cultural fields. The organization therefore took the opportunity to inform. Which is not actually part of his DNA. “We are not great communicators.”, Benoit Marszalek confirmed. But with the group’s increasing energy consumption, the group’s deconstruction project has persuaded it to build a new reactor in 2024. And what’s more, electric. With his knowledge, so it was necessary to know.

A difficult context and recruitment

“The glass travels through our veins.” The introductory video of the conference ended with his words. Before proposing a full tour of the factory, the group of directors would like to recall Pochett’s ambitions. On the eve of its 400th anniversary, which will take place in 2023, the Seine-Maritime Plant, with 1,400 employees, remains the leading private employer in the Brussels Valley.

And “Made in France” Here is the symbol of a real trademark, for this industry which produces 1 million bottles per day. Despite the longevity of this bottle gem, it is not immune in the current context. Covid, Ukraine, is an environmental emergency, but its main challenges are customer safety and hiring difficulties. For example, all its production lines are open, a total of 15 companies At present 100 people have to be recruited. Also, the delivery time of the bottle with the existing shape is currently March 2023 All glass makers are apparently going through the same situation

Perfume bottle manufactured by Pochet du Courval factory
Perfume bottle manufactured by Pochet du Courval factory

Decarbonize and stand out

400 Looking to the future., As stated by Pochet du Courval. The Bottling 4.0 Combines in-depth work on digitization, data analysis and use of artificial intelligence and finally workstation ergonomics and automation for 2025. For the latter alone, it represents an investment of 12 million euros to change the sorting line. This is part of a more comprehensive plan Revive recruitment.

But the main aspiration of the party lies in decarbonization. Since 2014, it has posted a 32% reduction in CO2 emissions and Its goal is to reach 50% by 2033. Work on recycled glass is important because the plant now uses 15% of external coolant (household glass).

But we had to hit harder to reduce the use of fossil fuels. So Pochet decided to change the technology for his Four 2. Thus, the factory part will be converted from July 2024 to accommodate 100% electric oven. It will use 100% carbon-free energy. This investment of 22 to 30 million euros was legalized by the group before the public subsidy was confirmed.

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“Target is not a source of savings”, Protects group representatives. Above all, we understand that it also stands out among its clients in the beauty industry. Because its competitor Verescence has announced in 2025 the construction of an electric oven in the factory of Mers-les-Bains (Seine-Maritime).

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